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Thomas Dankowski Metal Detecting Forum

This is an Open Forum to discuss any metal detecting questions or subjects. Please feel free to discuss any metal detecting subject, in good taste and with due respect to all users. Thomas Dankowski frequents this forum and is happy to share his knowledge and experience about metal detecting to answer questions along with many other metal detecting experts who frequent this forum.

Please note that Dankowski Detectors now has Terms of Use provisions. Nothing has really changed, its just now everything is written down for the sake of those who in the past liked to argue. To view, CLICK HERE. If anybody sees anything unreasonable or disagreeable in the Terms of Use, please let me know.  
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Guess The "Nox" Users Eat Crow Today!? grinning smiley   (Pages: 1 2)

by MichiganRelicHunter
1,477 33 06/08/2018 09:39PM
Last Post by Xray

Waterproof wireless ear buds

by tnsharpshooter
218 2 06/07/2018 07:40PM
Last Post by lytle78

Rutus alter71 and XP DEUS out in the field

by Diggs4ever
1,503 26 06/07/2018 10:39AM
Last Post by Etsija82

Minelab Equinox 600 Error code 41

by palangsi
1,499 26 06/06/2018 08:25AM
Last Post by palangsi

few finds from a new site...

by calabash digger
736 20 06/06/2018 08:14AM
Last Post by Shelton

A nasty rumor afloat. Someone here just became a new papa ?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Tom_in_CA
864 39 06/06/2018 01:31AM
Last Post by Gonebeepin'

Ever wanted to convert the Minelab equinox handle to a telescopic one?

by Etsija82
274 2 06/05/2018 09:51PM
Last Post by LE.JAG

Researching Old Spots in Urban Areas

by SilverPeter
288 5 06/05/2018 08:53PM
Last Post by SilverPeter

Possible once in a lifetime find-UPDATE.

by Beyonder-Pa
1,048 12 06/05/2018 06:49PM
Last Post by Beyonder-Pa

Equinox 800 for sale

by choppadude
439 2 06/05/2018 01:14PM
Last Post by choppadude

Any more knowledgeable than I Canadians on here

by 1ptr58
154 2 06/05/2018 10:29AM
Last Post by Sven1

Equinox   (Pages: 1 2)

by D&P-OR
1,576 46 06/05/2018 04:59AM
Last Post by Daniel Tn

One of my favorite Old fishers.......the 1236 X2

by Keith Southern
1,277 26 06/05/2018 04:39AM
Last Post by Harold,ILL.

Where are all the thin/fine gold chains

by doc holiday
550 23 06/04/2018 06:35PM
Last Post by LE.JAG

Makro GOLD Kruzer first hunt

by Shelton
248 1 06/04/2018 07:10AM
Last Post by Shelton

Rutus Alter 71 upgrade questions

by Mike Hillis
740 15 06/03/2018 06:35AM
Last Post by Shelton

WTT...Minelab Etrac for Minelab Equinox 800

by Dan(NM)
190 1 06/03/2018 02:25AM
Last Post by Dan(NM)

where do i get replacement tesoro battery leads ? (not at Tesoro)

by vincentvangerven
230 4 06/02/2018 07:29PM
Last Post by D&P-OR

FS: CZ6a, CZ5, and Los Banos 1021 CZ3D

by Bayard
397 4 06/02/2018 01:08AM
Last Post by Harold,ILL.

Soon I will let " The cat out of the bag"

by texkinzee
873 13 06/01/2018 09:35PM
Last Post by texkinzee

Anyone else tried this test with the Equinox

by Mccrorysjewelry2
824 15 06/01/2018 03:09PM
Last Post by Beyonder-Pa

Fun off topic: Favorite food and food places

by Daniel Tn
539 27 06/01/2018 12:19PM
Last Post by doc holiday

Summer heat and Detectors?

by Harold,ILL.
455 12 06/01/2018 12:28AM
Last Post by Supernaut66


by ecris
179 2 05/31/2018 08:50PM
Last Post by Shelton

what's up with T'net ?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Tom_in_CA
1,536 55 05/31/2018 10:09AM
Last Post by Tom_in_CA

Makro GOLD Kruzer Audio i ID

by Shelton
236 1 05/31/2018 07:53AM
Last Post by Shelton

What's your deepest coin using a Equinox 600 or 800?

by 88junior
865 17 05/30/2018 09:12PM
Last Post by 88junior

SOLD!! FS...Minelab Yellow underwater headphones for Equinox

by Charles (Sabre)(Tx)
207 5 05/30/2018 07:43PM
Last Post by Charles (Sabre)(Tx)

for sale

by jmaryt
563 9 05/30/2018 02:07PM
Last Post by marcomo

Makro Gold Kruzer Unboxing

by Shelton
368 7 05/30/2018 01:39PM
Last Post by Shelton

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