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Deus IMO sniffs out smaller lower conductors when ground is wet

Posted by tnsharpshooter 
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Deus IMO sniffs out smaller lower conductors when ground is wet
December 22, 2016 12:57AM
I think I have enough time hunting in various soil conditions using Deus.

Smaller/thinner lower conductors tend to sound off better when ground is wetter vs dry.

When ground is dry (drier) these same types of targets give a growl--- sounds more closely to iron.

I even notice small lead,,,,bangs in plainer without the usual growl it provides in drier ground.

As far as the iron,,,being more active in the wetter ground,,,,IMO Deus seems to still be able to handle well.

A few targets were studied upon retrieval,,,,to check for how much iron would sound off in the dirt that was above the find.

Sure enough,,,Deus is providing some good 3D detection over some levels of iron.

But these targets that are being distorted somewhat by the ferrous material-- they don't sound 100%,,, but make no mistake enough tone to let you know the nonferrous is lurking,,,waiting for you to dig.

I guess I can say-- the Deus and myself meld together nicely.

Did use Nokta relic with small coil q bit.

Relic detector is a better sniffer IMO of iron relics vs Deus.

Like them both,,,just need more weather like today to hunt.

Probably won't happen often this time of yea.


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