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Meter Light

Posted by treasurehunter747 
Meter Light
January 06, 2018 12:44AM

No matter what I tried the pic still ends up sideways even though I tried resize and all other options I could think of. The actual pic on the computer is fine but oh well. Thanks
Re: Meter Light
January 06, 2018 02:18AM
With all these mods is it likely your battery will drain faster.
Re: Meter Light
January 06, 2018 02:49AM
Hi Guvmore,
There is a separate small battery pack for the lights. Wanted to make sure the CZ circuitry was powered by the (2) 9 volts as intended and nothing else attached.
Re: Meter Light
January 06, 2018 12:46PM
"No matter what I tried the pic still ends up sideways"
Try cropping the original image so it's wider than its height, ie. trim off the top of this 'meter light' pic. It's worth a try, anyway.

Seperate battery for the lights?? Seems unnecessary to me. I'd run two high-efficiency LED's in series, from the 9V supply. You should be able to obtain appropriate brightness from 2mA, done this way. A constant current circuit would make a better job of it than a simple dropper resistor, but obviously more complex. You can get pretty decent efficiency white LED's in 3mm / 5mm lensed packages, but the best ones tend to be surface-mount these days. You could also use yellow LEDs .. nice Fisher colour.
Re: Meter Light
January 06, 2018 07:28PM
What is used to hold faceplate tight against box? Mine is loose at headphone jack when I pull out plug like so.

Re: Meter Light
January 08, 2018 04:55AM
Harold there are 2 small screws in the back of the housing that screw into the metal coil connector bracket on the inside on mine and thats what holds it in. Sometimes they need a little NUDGE when first removing but the faceplate will pull forward removing the circuit board when the 2 screws are removed...
Re: Meter Light
January 08, 2018 03:09PM
Yes I took it out and tightened the jack and still moves when take headphone jack out?
I thought there was something else holding faceplate tight against the box? A Fisher tech said clips? But I didn't seen any?

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Re: Meter Light
January 08, 2018 09:30PM
Use fiber optics like the CoinStrike/GoldStrike lighting... smileys with beer
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