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Deus HF coils - they deserve respect,Relic hunters gotta try gold field program

Posted by Sod-buster 
Re: Deus HF coils - they deserve respect,Relic hunters gotta try gold field program
January 30, 2018 01:32PM
Go rebels,

Both HF coils can indeed turn (signals obtained using LF coils where iron tone was obtained on actual nonferrous) to tones that a user can actually decipher as nonferrous tonally.

Even some targets detected with HF coils ( depending on detecting scenario) can produce very borderline pitch sounding signals for actual nonferrous.

This can be caused by soil by a combination of either or and soil mineralization, shape of nonferrous, orientation, and or depth. Not to mention there is a separation and unmasking advantage provided too again depending on detecting scenario.

I sure haven't run all detector models. But it is my opinion right now, before any site can be declared dead of nonferrous no matter how mild or crude the soil in the site is, both round HF and elliptical need to be put in these sites before declaration can be done. There may be more detectors that should be out in there too.
Already can think of one (based on first hand accounts) Nokta Impact and just maybe Kruzer multi run in 20khz or 19khz respectively using likely both the smallest round coil and smaller football coil. Don't discount the Nokta Relic detector either- will perform in polluted sites and find goodies- based on my first hand accounts.

Sure an fbs type detector should be out in site too.

Me saying the above doesn't mean other models have their place in helping clean out a site. But Deus HF coils can get you places many other setups can't. I would like to see some head to head using XP GMP power wearing small coil go up against Deus and HF elliptical coil.

This new Deeptech gold combo sounds like it might be a good candidate to add here to the list for helping with this " declaration of site is dead". Obviously though this rating of dead could only be temporary with the arrival on new releases.

Here is a thread here about elliptical HF coil.


The mighty half dime.
Don't see too many posted as found.
I have found one with ellliptical HF coil.
Another gent has found 2 just this year using one of the Deus HF coils. Don't know which one, but I am pretty sure he was running 28.8khz when they did find half dimes.

Not to mention the smaller gold coin hoard found using Deus round HF coil,,,actually the gent may have left the majority of coins buried if not for the higher freq on HF coil.. Can't prove but it is a possibility based on the gent's story.

Think about this.
Wonder if the Vlf detector industry would have never made a detector running over 19khz?
We would have never knew what was lurking in some of our sites would we?
We would have indeed thought sites were "dead".
Granted using higher frequency does come with some disadvantages. One going the real small stuf will get nailed. But orientation, shape of nonferrous, and proximity to ferrous can make a coin sized, even bigger seem small (for actual detection purposes).

Wonder if we did the following experiment with the following assumed.
Give every detectorist in USA split 50/50 one each of the following.
One detector that can detect a 10" deep clad dime in medium minerlized soil.
The other detector can only detect a 9" deep dime in the same soil as noted above.
But this second detector can be swung on average 30 percent faster and locate the targets the above detector can locate(except for the deeper)

Assuming all detectorists in USA were indeed highly proficient using each model giving them.
And all detectorist post their finds (all) non junk.

What would we see if we reviewed the finds qty wise after a period of 2 years??
Would the deeper detector win out?
Or the other detector?

Just some thing to ponder.

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Re: Deus HF coils - they deserve respect,Relic hunters gotta try gold field program
January 30, 2018 05:47PM
Now there's something to think about. My money is on "the other one" given that most people go too fast.
Re: Deus HF coils - they deserve respect,Relic hunters gotta try gold field program
February 03, 2018 10:34PM
Thought I would share a few experiences I had today while detecting in the wild.
A 3 hour hunt with split time between round and elliptical HF coils.
Made a few finds using both coils.

I ran the hot program while actually hunting. But used gold field program to check some targets. Glad I did too. Payed off.
Here is pic.

Notice the bracelet with the name on it. Gent is still a kicking and in his 80s now, bracelet likely lost back in late50s early 60s. I showed it to his sister actually.
What about this bracelet portion?
I hope folks don't laugh here, what I am going to say, but it is true.
I was when I found this, in the same area where cut Spanish bit and half dime came from back in the summer. I'll bet I have swung a Deus detector, others too over this bracelet buried over 300 times. And I heard it likely every time but didn't dig.
Probably the same reason why is the same reason I wouldn't have dug again today except for the mighty gold field program.

I swept this bracelet (not knowing) with hot program and the signal I got, I would have bet the farm it was relic iron. A very tight super high short blaring signal. I actually remember getting this same tone here previously many times before. Remember this place does infact have old relic iron smaller, medium sized and bigger all over.

So in the past I was writing this target off as iron.
Today after I hit the target, I toggled over to gold field same freq run as my hot program Reactivty 2.5. When Iistened to this target using gold field, a nice sounding signal smooth on the edges, usually a good giveaway it is infact nonferrous. And sure enough it was.

One more target I dug today I will discuss, and again using gold field gave me some additional Intel to actually recover find.
The old button in the pic.
I located it with round HF coil but the tone signature was crippled big time, with multiple tones being had as I swept. I repeated sweep several times and I would have gave < 15 % chance of nonferrous even existing beneath my coil. But checking target with gold field even even running 1 level lower (slower) Reactivty (level 2.5) I got more to go on the disc mode hot program, meaning now my odds went up to >50 % chance of being nonferous based on what I heard.

To conclude here.
I won't BS folks here.
Using the HF coils running 28.8khz they can be sharper in iron vs the LF coils. A person will get used to if they apply themselves. One thing I will mention here and this too is a good weapon (using gold field to check suspect targets) is using disc program sometimes Deus audio will get caught, trying to sound off extremely close to iron range, and a user may be thinking is what I hear nonferrous or is it iron. When you get these, if you hit them with gold field and you hear nothing, or you hear a signal more corrupt vs what you heard using disc mode program, you can almost bet the farm what you are hearing is iron. Now this applies moreso to shallow and middepth targets.


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