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Posted by ozzie 
April 07, 2011 01:05AM
A couple months ago when there was snow on the ground I was invited to a church breakfast at a rented hall. Breakfast is my favorite meal so I went. It was all young men and old timers and the food was not lacking. As we were chowing down, I over heard a fellow from my table talking about his 55 acre farm, so I asked him a few questions a detectorist would normally ask, like how old is your house and what history can you tell me about the property.

He said his house was built in the 1700's and the other house was built in the late 1600's smiling smiley
It was two farms years ago and he said he rents out the re-habbed 1600's house.
He said years ago he raised pigs and one time he had over 3000 on his farm, but now he grows soybean, corn and hay, "why do you ask"? he said.

I told him about my hobbie and he became very interested. At the end of the meal he came up to me and said I should come over to check out the property smiling smiley
I said I'd like to and he proceded to give me his address and phone number.
Last week I called Monte the farmer and he said "come on over, I'll show you around, I said "are you going to be there after lunch", he said yes.
I hurried through my chores and got there around 2 pm. We walked the property as he talked about his farm. This old timer is up beat and just a really likeable guy.
We got back to the house and he wanted to watch as I did some detecting. The back yard of his house was full of machine gun signals. I honed in on one high tone repeatable as he stood by my side, I sunk in the spade, flipped the plug and went in with my Pro Pointer. I pulled out a beautiful green 1907 Indian and handed it to him. He practically jumped up and down while slapping me on the back saying "I can't believe it, I can't believe it, look at that". After a couple more holes and junk he had to get back to work and left me on my own.

A half hour later he came out to see if anything else turned up and walked with me and bam!! I get a nice high tone in the 70's, dug it up and out comes a large cent..YESSS!! I said jees Monte, stay with me, you're good luck. He was beside himself and more excited I think than I was. Anyway, to make a long story longer I wrapped it up and asked him if I could come back tomorrow. He said come any time you want. I said "what's the earliest I can come with out being intrusive"? He said " Steve, you won't bother me or my wife, come as early as you like, you can hunt with a flashlite if you want. He said "I let a fox trapper come at all hours, dosen't matter, as a matter of fact I'll let the renters of the 1600's house know, that if the see a guy swinging a detector around the property not to be alarmed smiling smiley

The next day I got there at 7:30 am, parked the truck, met his lovely wife and went out to a tree line about 200 yards out. Second hole about 6 inches deep I see silver, flicked off the dirt and a thin 1785 half reale is staring at me...love this place. Before the days end, I came out with the reale, a Jersey Copper, another large cent and two more indians.....I'll be hunting that place over and over, I hope.
Monte said "this is the most exciting thing thats happened here in years".
I gotta tell ya, having that old boy light up like that was the highlight of the weekend..been smiling ever since.
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 01:31AM
Cherish this..........as you will never forget this experience for the rest of your life.

And.............it sounds like..............you have a life-time of hunting... remaining on this large parcel. I suggest you dig as many mid-tones as you can handle.........and you may very well find your first gold coin. The mid-tones will surprise you the most......due to the age of the area.
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 01:42AM
That's a great story Oz. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your finds there.
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 01:59AM
Wow...thats gonna be a incredible place to detect. Sounds like a once in a lifetime chance.
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 02:52AM
Buy them something as a way of thanking them.




If you don’t dig it, then how are you going to know what you’re missing!
How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 03:21AM
tell em to leave you the farm in there will!!!!!!!!!!! would love to hunt that spot with you or even watch you pull out that history!!!!!!!!!
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 11:33AM
Thanks All,
I will dig mid tones and will have to work for that gold coin, thats for sure. Many times as a way of thanking and showing my appreciation, I'll offer to do a small carpentry job such as hang a door or replace a window sill, that sort of thing. Most of the time they want to pay me for the job but I tell them they don't realize how much I value their permission to detect on their property. A gift is a good jesture, maybe a nice basket of goodies or fruit.

There are two areas in the woods where he has pulled out so much iron that it was worth scrapping. He showed me many of the items he kept such as tools, long barn door hinges, old iron seeders etc. He said he had to use his skid steerer there was so much iron. When cashing it in at the scrap yard it was worth nearly $4,000...thats alot of iron, they only pay pennies a pound. Those spots were the dumps from the past, no telling whats in there. He got tired of pulling it out of the vines and roots even with the machine. You can be sure I'll have one eye looking for old bottles and tools. Some of you guys are drooling, especially you Lawrenzo, you are a relic master and love old bottles too. I'll keep ya's posted on the finds, thanks.
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 03:36PM
Thank you, you are very kind and I would love to see a video of your next hunt...




If you don’t dig it, then how are you going to know what you’re missing!
How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!
Re: Farmer
April 07, 2011 05:23PM
WOW Ozzie!! Sounds like a great time for sure!! Enjoy and keep us up to date!!!
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