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Chiggers can be irritating

Posted by tnsharpshooter 
Chiggers can be irritating
June 26, 2018 06:10PM
The permethrin I use seems to keep them off of me.

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Re: Chiggers can be irritating
June 28, 2018 01:28PM
I use turpentine and it works great. I put it on my boots/shoes/bottom of pants/belt line/etc and not on my skin if possible. I know its not really a problem, but it never hurts to minimize exposure to any solvent.
As an additional bonus, I also get extra elbow room around me when I sit down for lunch with my buds.

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Re: Chiggers can be irritating
June 28, 2018 04:04PM
Google 'sulfur and cream of tartar tablets'. My two brothers and I took one a day during the early Spring through the mid Fall. Never had problems with chiggers, mosquitoes ticks or other biting insects. The tablets used to be at any pharmacy but now they have to be ordered on the net. I can't find any local. They WORK and work well. To keep the ticks away, you can sprinkle sulfur in your socks and on your pant legs. You can take small portions of sulfur mixed with molasses but I do not recommend that as it tastes. The only drawback to sulfur is that it makes your sweat, and you, smell of sulfur, but since it worked so well, I didn't mind that at all.
Re: Chiggers can be irritating
June 28, 2018 10:29PM
We don't have ticks or chiggers here in AZ. Those sissy bugs can't stand the heat. grinning smiley
Re: Chiggers can be irritating
July 01, 2018 12:36AM
Yeah I hate chiggers more than mosquitos,they bite HARD around here and I puff up and ITCH so bad the itch hurts! I am highly reactive to chiggers apparently....
I found Picaridin from Sawyer at a semi-local gas station,I had never seen it before. It works VERY well,for me anyway. It’s weird how some things like that work for some and not others....
I really like that it’s not super greasy like heavy concentrations of DEET(which mosquitos around here don’t even blink at) and it doesn’t damage plastics like headphones,detector screens,cases,etc. I like it so far!
Apparently Picaridin and Permethrin used in combination is supposed to be the impenetrable 1-2 punch!
Re: Chiggers can be irritating
July 01, 2018 10:54AM
Will it work on Copperheads?
Re: Chiggers can be irritating
July 01, 2018 01:14PM
texkinzee Wrote:
> Will it work on Copperheads?

If applied with enough vigor. While still in the can.

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Re: Chiggers can be irritating
July 11, 2018 03:16AM
My solution for Chiggers and Ticks is Deep Woods Off w/25% Deet.
Re: Chiggers can be irritating
July 11, 2018 06:40AM
#7 shot works for the copperheads. When I'm out on the farm or detecting I carry a Taurus Judge with three cylinders full of #7 shot and two with personal defense rounds, and so does my wife. She about got tagged by one yesterday morning while feeding goats. She went to pickup a empty bag of feed and realized it was only about 2 feet away from her when it moved to coil up. Was a young one...still had a yellow tail. #7 shot dispatched it quick.

For ticks, my wife use to work at the farmers co op. I was buying permethrin in a spray can (Sawyers) and she told me I was paying too much for it. Turns out you can buy permethrin in a big jug at the co op and make your own by diluting it with water. It's marketed for farm animals but 100% permethrin. I never had much success with the stuff that has Deet being the active ingredient. Seed ticks and chiggers are horrible here.
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