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CZ3D VS E-Trac

Posted by u2robert 
CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 01:48AM
I'm thinking about getting a E-trac ( I have a nice CZ3D) I know that it's a deep detector but is it as deep as the CZ's? Both these detectors are pretty much used for old coin sites is this correct?
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 01:58AM
I would say it depends on your ground.
The CZ can’t compete with the E-Trac where I live for deep coins.
Not even close.

My experience is with the CZ 5s so I’m doing a little assuming that the D3 performs similar.
Assuming is usually dangerous.


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Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 02:03AM
I used both in my old park.

Loved my Etrac, especially in the 2 Tone Ferrous program Ralph DeGraw showed me. The deep silver was coming in even more. That X-5” really worked good around the iron and deep too.

Also use the Tom tuned 3D, a lot in the same park w much success however there’s a lot of really deep iron there too, which the 3D doesn’t ID as well.

Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 02:41AM
My cz3d is deeper than the e-trac I have. Deeper than the ML se pro I have here also. All three are great detectors.
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 02:56AM
I currently own a twoTom tuned CZs, cz 6a11.9in and cz5 at 11in. I also own an etrac and CTX 3030. It really depends on the type of old coin I am going to be doing for the day. Old silver, the etrac. Old nickel hunting, definitely the CZs. As far as depth goes on coin size targets I would put my CZ6A at 11.9in slightly deeper than the etrac. I was old coin hunting in an old park with my 7a and hit a coin signal that was hard to pinpoint but good high tone both ways. I went to the truck and got my ctx and it would partially hit the target with a tone here an there but read 14 48 when it would hit but could tell it was at the very end of its depth capability. A little over 11 in down was an SLQ. CZ had a lot better repeatable signal. Hope that helps.
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 03:18AM
There's nothing wrong with owning both detectors until you can decide which one you like the best. You may end up keeping both. What someone else likes you may not like.

Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 04:05AM
I agree with Tabman. If you can swing it, get an E-Trac. Great detector.

I have both. Main thing for me is the tones. Since I have been using CZ's for a really long time, I am used to the silent search and 3 tones (mostly hunt with my 6a which is 3 tones). E-Trac can be set up to run a multitude of ways in terms of tones.

You may like the sounds of the E-Trac. E-Trac has more after market coils and the DD coil configuration.

CZ to me hits better on the mid conductive targets and both are deep silver killers.

E-Trac has better target ID in my option but since I don't hunt by target ID, just tones, that does not matter much to me, but I do think the E-Trac has a better ID system.

E-Trac is a bit better at determining mid level to deeper iron from the get go. Gotta have a bunch of hours on a CZ to start getting to that next level of iron ID using your ears.

As far as old coins sites go,both units will pull deep coins.
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 02:24PM
I had both for years and both are great Old Coin hunters for sure. On pure raw depth coil for coil a 'Proper' CZ-3D gets the edge in My ground.
But I.D. at Depth edge goes to Etrac as can split hairs with the digital numbers and tell a dime,Quarter, Half, pretty much to the edge of depth. If You can afford it I would keep both Machines as they both can out do the other at different sites as I have went back to sites I thought I cleaned out with one and found a few more deep coins with the other. They are the two best deep coin hunters ever made IMHO.

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Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 02:52PM
I think once you get the sounds down on a E-trac...and that sound of Deep Silver... nothing to me can beat it...There is just something there once you use it a lot...that just...makes you feel the deep silver....I have dug DEEP ..Wheats on the E-trac(Crazy deep)...Came in at 1-29(Wild number for them)...but you just know!!!
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 09, 2019 06:04PM
CZ's on the whole coil for coil are deeper...remember the stock E-trac coil is bigger....however the E-trac gives a lot more info to dig or not....unfortunately have 2 boxes of crusty Wheaties dug by a CZ that I wouldn't usually dig with an E-trac…..down and dirty a lot depends on your ground ought to be noted also which may change the answers...
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 10, 2019 02:32AM
Thanks for the info and yes I'm keeping my CZ3D (Tom tuned it in Dec. 11.7) but I think I will try the E-trac my ground is neutral soil. What about at the beach does it do as well in wet sand as the CZ?
Re: CZ3D VS E-Trac
February 10, 2019 02:46AM
You will dig a lot less trash with the Etrac or Explorer....Etrac has better numeric ID, while Explorer better audio ID.....both Minelabs have good ID at detection depth. The CZs are deep, but will take your ears years of learning to avoid deep iron. The digital CZs are actually slightly better in iron and less likely to get out of calibration than the analog CZs. Thanks
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