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Minelab Equinox owners - Question

Posted by NASA-Tom 
Re: Minelab Equinox owners - Question
January 03, 2022 11:08PM
In theory......with any SMF......."Multi" frequency operation should be 'hot' on the entire spectrum of conductors.......ranging from low-to-high.
Yes.... certain Multi modes will indeed 'bias' a bit further/better performance to a particular conductive bandwidth of targets.
Re: Minelab Equinox owners - Question
January 04, 2022 06:18AM
NASA-Tom Wrote:
> As of right now....... not much. We are still inca
> rcerated within the mindset of inductive-coupling.
> .......(via a coil)........for detection of metal.
> In 1908.....Henry Ford said: "What the hell are we
> doing....still using old, antiquated internal-comb
> ustion engines for propulsion". ---Guess wher
> e we still are today!?!? (((Although this might ha
> ve something to do with [--power hungry dirty mone
> y--] politics, Rockefeller, Vanderbelt, OPEC....et
> c......))).
> My only thought is......... If we are to STILL sta
> y within the incarcerations/limitations of Electro
> Magnetic energy (EM) for detection of metal:
> We have already 'bent' the EM footprint of the ene
> rgy with a DD coil (thus proving we CAN bend the E
> M footprint and still stay with the confines of a
> 'balanced field
'); ......should we not further inv
> estigate bending the field into a more confined co
> rridor (via a pair of 45-Deg angled 'director stac
> ks' mounted above the outboard perimeter of the co
> il)?!

Science once said light couldn't be bent...yet if we could just bend the EM footprint around/through the iron, imagine how many more finds we'd take home.

Ground imaging technology could meld into the metal detecting arena. Although still (IMO) too large to be practical, products like the Nokta Invenio are forging ahead in ground imaging capabilities, reducing form factor, with pricing trending into high end detector territory.

Seems like the only viable technologies currently in play are EM and
Re: Minelab Equinox owners - Question
January 06, 2022 03:07PM
Great discussion and thank you for replying to all the questions. I read back over the last almost two years since this began and have implemented what I will call the 2x2 TRR and FE2 settings with SENS 23 or more if possible. This thread is becoming a very helpful primer on the workings and tuning of the EQX!

(My question is at the bottom after all the context).

At the salt beach yesterday targets were scarce and the EQX800 a little chatty at those settings. But having read this thread several times I diagnosed no chattyness when coil was still, so I kept the settings as above and NC and AUTOGB frequently.

I dug some deep unrecoverable targets at surfs edge but feel I started to learn this new language.

Found a target with definite high tones in some directions but other high tones with lower vdi and recovered a pyramid sinker clipped to a pompano rig. The targets moved as I dug as the hooks were on swivels and leader. So I think the 800 was reporting correctly on this.

Found a similar mid tone about 15-17 as I recall. This did not move around but it was deep, recovered it as waves washed the hole back in and it was a discolored nickels.

As I checked the hole quickly I hit PP and without thinking swept the spoil pile I had just removed, the tone was deafening and the vdi was -9. But it pinpointed the nikel in the spoil pile.

So finally my question is what if any correlation exists between PP and vdi during pp? I would always try to capture the desired vdi on an iffy target thinking the PP would hit on that number.

Thanks again
Re: Minelab Equinox owners - Question
January 16, 2022 02:37PM
Gosh........... I should have answered this a long time ago!

Pinpoint mode does not give any form of ID. Now................. the split second you release the pinpoint mode...... the ID screen 'may' flash a fairly accurate ID on the VDI screen.
Re: Minelab Equinox owners - Question
January 16, 2022 02:49PM
Thank you Tom. I understand better now that you explain it.
BTW: Using the settings I refer to above and had gleaned from this thread I have found that good targets pop through the sometimes slightly chatty falsing.

Very happy with these settings at the beach.

Found a Gucci bracelet with a heart shaped charm a couple days ago at the beach and that signal broke through very clearly.

Appreciate your time. Thanks again
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