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Fresh water beach finds.

Posted by Dan(NM) 
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Fresh water beach finds.
January 05, 2020 01:20AM
All this talk about the new Fisher got my juices flowing, unfortunately, I'm not close enough to a salt water beach. I am within 5 minutes of a semi-private properties owner only park. I just ordered Tom's new water hunting video and am looking forward to soaking up as much info as I can. I've hunted this spot before along the water line and just didn't find much at all. I talked with a couple of locals(I'm new here) and was informed that the lake is way down from normal, almost 30-40 feet. I got to looking around and sure enough, I could see where the original edge of the water was. I moved up away from the water and started working from the top down to the water at the far edge of the park. That's where the action started to happen, I dug a ton of trash which told me that the guys hunting here are cherry picking for the coins.

This is the last 3 days worth of finds. The first 2 days I hunted it with an Explorer 2 with an 8" coil, and did ok. I went back today with the Nox and did even better smiling smiley I hunted the same area(30x100) that I had hunted with the EX2.

My settings were:

Park 2
0-ground balance
Disc -9 to 0
recovery speed 4
F2 0
sens 20

The gold ring hit a solid 12
the 2 little pendents rang at 1...found within 6" of each other.
silver ring 5 open ring, not connected at the top
silver beads 12, I've found 8 so far
The little junk beads hit at 1

All the cleaned up silver was found with the Explorer 2.

Re: Fresh water beach finds.
January 05, 2020 01:25AM
Very nice Dan.
Thanks for sharing.
Re: Fresh water beach finds.
January 05, 2020 01:44AM
Re: Fresh water beach finds.
January 05, 2020 10:21AM
That'll make you go back, good deal!