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Tarsacci verses Vallon

Posted by pinpointa 
Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 10:54AM
Hi Guys,
Has anybody done some comparison test with depth of the Tarsacci v Vallon. Is there a great amount of difference, Test in wet & dry sand.

Regards Pinpointa.
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 11:38AM
You are comparing a PI to the MDT. I believe someone had posted the Vallon was deeper...... but come to find out the coil was much larger and Eric Foster tuned.
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 02:34PM
Dew = Yes...… I believe there were too many differences to compare THAT SPECIFIC Vallon to ANY detector...……. to include the MDT. A 'one-of-a-kind' specially tuned unit...…. compared to any other detector. (Seems a bit biased)!
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 06:21PM
My two Vallon’s with latest software both performed like mt two TDI’s. 12” or a bit more on a nickel buried in AZ dry wash sand,

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 07:58PM
Just over 12" on a Nickel...… (in the wet-salt)…… is what I was acquiring with a TDI.
I'm surprised (and happy) to hear that the Vallon is just as hot as Eric Foster's TDI (GoldScan-5C..... in White's clothing).
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 09:26PM
Eric and I along with a VALLON rep here in the US have been working with the VALLON for several years. The Vallon comes with what people call a stock coil that is 7" x 11" oval. They also have a 12" coil available. This is for the VMH3CS model. I have the latest software updates and a 12" coil Eric wound for me. 12" is easily achived on a nickel in wet salt with the oval "stock" coil. Learning how to tune the detector takes some practice. On a side note, I sent the teaser article published elsewhere about the birth of the AQ and it seems there were a few inaccuracies on detector descriptions vs picture shown as well as the time frame. Eric is in the process now of working on the "real PI history" starting from 1951 to nearly current. He thinks it will be finished this summer and will set the story straight on the birth and growth of the PI detector. I also sent him the picture I think it was LE JAG posted elsewhere of eight of his detectors and the early model MANTA. He mentioned the Aquastar in the transparent case was one of the best he had to cease due to the cost of the case. Well should be a good read when he is finished. To compare the VALLON to the MDT is not fair as the VALLON is a full blown dig all PI with excellent depth as the MDT is. a VLF dxetector with discrimination.
Re: Tarsacci verses Vallon
January 13, 2020 10:01PM
Thanks Guys,

I realise that the pi is deeper but i did read where it was tested against the Vallon in certain terrain and the mdt was deeper Vallon stock standard.
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