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AQ in Fl

Posted by dewcon4414 
AQ in Fl
August 19, 2020 09:13AM
It seems a couple of AQs have hit the pan handle in FL. Ive been following Deb Johnsons posts on the AQ on one of the FB pages. Thus far none have trickled down my way. This is the first report of a Fl machine. We have seen a lot of videos of how well it does in very harsh ground. So i figured it would get even more depth here. That assumption may not be so. According to her hers isnt stable in the salt water.... nor is another guys. From her posts it appears there will be a 8" coil which may help due out maybe in Sept. I guess i wonder why it wont work? Ive been told its not the only PI that didnt work here..... it just simply wouldnt GB. If the 8" dont work.... thats really going to hurt those who wants one for Fl hunting especially with the limited since it doesnt have a transferable warranty. Hopefully they can solve it for the production model. Im also wondering just what depth will be lost having to go with the 8" coil? We may have gained a little from say a 9" coil since the machine was more for depth than the 8 which in most cases are for separation and sensitivity. From the comments it large coil may work in wet sand and dry. Until the small coil gets out we wont know if the production models price tag is worth it since some of us would want/need both coils. Now..... had Tom gotten one a couple of years ago would this have been found out and fixed?

Re: AQ in Fl
August 19, 2020 11:12AM
Dew, I think if you read all the responses to Deb's post, you will find it is her AQ that is having problems, another guy said he has the same problem with his TDI and big coil in the water up there....the others that have problems in the water are in Hawaii.....not to say that there isn't a problem with the AQ in the water and having to change settings from optimum to work in the water.

Having a small coil as an option would be nice but I just can't see working the water or the wet sand in our conditions everyday using an 8" coil....for me it is just to small for an everyday coil, certain situations/beaches is a different story for sure.

Since there are few machines out there AND not everyone that does have one are posting details of their hunts.....we have no idea if they are using it in saltwater, and what are their results (Joe excluded).....I wouldn't bury the AQ from one facebook post... I'm sure Fisher will solve the problem, they have to....... I don't remember reading if she had problems in the water but then used it in the wet successfully.....could it be water intrusion in the coil?

Re: AQ in Fl
August 19, 2020 01:48PM
Cliff keep me right buddy. I thought coil issue as well, but she seemed to believe it was a saline issue. I never seen where she had talked to anyone about exchanging the machine. I did make the comment Fisher should swap coils to see if that was the problem. Because i thought water intrusion as well. I know im the negative Nelly and as you tell me i over think these things. We have discussed the AQ a lot and i do focus on the negative side .... but those negatives are the issues that will most affect my ability to use the machine. You need to get yours buddy... help shut me up lol. This is a little of how it started:

I spent 3 hrs. in the water yesterday with my new Impulse AQ. This unit had great stability on the beach. Once I entered the water, it was another story. In salt water it was very unstable in the all metal mode. I went through all of the pulse delay settings and the most stability was achieved at a pulse delay setting of 11.7. Even at that setting it was very unstable. I had to increase the ats setting to 10 and scrub the coil slowly on the bottom to get anything resembling stability. Every time the coil was lifted from the bottom, even a tiny bit, it went full audio. There is no way I could sweep the coil. I tried other modes with the same results. Without stability in the water (I mostly water hunt) I can't pull out the deep weak signals. The 12.5 inch coil is great for the beach but harder to handle in the water. Any advice would appreciated.

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Re: AQ in Fl
August 19, 2020 04:13PM
cdv Wrote:
> Having a small coil as an option would be nice but
> I just can't see working the water or the wet sand
> in our conditions everyday using an 8" coil....for
> me it is just to small for an everyday coil, certa
> in situations/beaches is a different story for sur
> e.

> Cliff

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