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AKA Intronik STF released

Posted by sanjuro 
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AKA Intronik STF released
September 04, 2020 10:06PM
I just got this email from a well known AKA guy seems like the Intronik is out now

Hi there!
I can get new/never used Intronik STF (limited quantity) with coil 15"@214 (2 kHz + 14 kHz) or 13"@540 (5 kHz + 40 kHz). INKs are still not available in RU, even second hand ones....

Be first with Intronik to pick up gooddies unreachable for other metal detectors winking smiley

If you are interested, pm me or email to suchmuch@akaforums.com

Best regards,
Rodion (SuchMuch)
Re: AKA Intronik STF released
September 05, 2020 07:56AM
I thought the MFD was a very good detector, it just lacked the ability it work in iron and would feel dated now compared to an Equinox in usability.
Re: AKA Intronik STF released
September 05, 2020 04:05PM
Aka Signum MFD is still a good detector ... separation is best on MM filters .... and MM rate 6 ... and on sniper coil 6x10 "20 khz ... ,, then 6x10" coil 12 khz ... even even the coil 13 "at 12khz..este can separate quite well for its size .. and it has an excellent depth ..

Today in action, Aka Signum MFD, Rutus Alter 71 and for a short time also Whites XLT .....with a switch for coils ... XLT / DFX ....

The new Intronik STF will be an interesting multifrequency detector ...

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