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MDT gets lucky

Posted by dewcon4414 
MDT gets lucky
December 11, 2020 08:03PM
This month has really gotten away from me .... to busy i guess being retired lol. Started out it was 49 degrees and a pretty good breeze. Water temp must be mid 60s.....and a little cool to someone who hasnt been in it for awhile. Parents amaze me..... here we are with a virus and i see tiny kids rolling around in the water with not much on...... burrrrr. I got 3 rings today..... but only this one was worth much. 10K 2.2 grams with FAKE stones.... i think the part holding the stones will be trashed to melt. Its getting harder now you have to work at it..... but i had the whole beach to myself..... not a single coil in or out of the water except me.

betta popeye treatment
Re: MDT gets lucky
December 11, 2020 09:22PM
I never argue with gold smileys with beer
Re: MDT gets lucky
December 11, 2020 09:33PM
Tom .... much better than those ole SS plated that seems to be popular.
Re: MDT gets lucky
December 11, 2020 11:12PM
Well done!!!!!!!!at least you find a bit of yellow metal.......my MDT is still a virgin...

MDT gets lucky
December 12, 2020 04:05AM

Always good to find gold. thumbs down

You probably DON'T want to know what the parents of the tiny kids are thinking. . . . . further disappointment in humanity.

Rich -

Just one more good target before I go.

800 / D2
Re: MDT gets lucky
December 12, 2020 11:20AM
Rat... it will click.... its pretty normal for your finds to fall back a bit with any new machine. Ive always been one who NEVER sales a machine until its paid for its self..... by then i figure ive got a pretty good handle on it. I use mine just like my Xcal in PP mode. I get a bit more sensitivity out of it.... along with the advantage of a TID screen. It seems to make the machine more simplistic to me as well.

Rich .... all i can say is those glazed donut face seem to be having fun lol.
Re: MDT gets lucky
December 12, 2020 12:33PM
Nice find there Dew....I was wondering what you were doing since we haven't stayed in touch much this month....My month has been much the same as yours.....except the gold! Back at it this weekend and next week before the travelers from Colorado stop by for the rest of December.....gotta get the gold next week or I'm done till 2021.

Re: MDT gets lucky
December 12, 2020 06:40PM
You know my situation.... throw company, the holidays, and the crazy projects I’m staying way busier than I want to be. This whole year has been stressful.... and busy. Hoping fo a better next year. Been one of those years I’ve not seen anyone killing it out there. I’d really be grumbling if they were. Right now .... it yes dear what ever you want lol
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