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What detector to buy

Posted by george1971 
What detector to buy
October 16, 2021 07:44PM
Hello Thomas, I would like your suggestion about what metal detector to buy. I want an all-purpose metal detector for mineralized soil and beach. I am looking for coins and jewelry (gold and silver) mostly. I want very good separation, very fast recovery speed and adjustable threshold if possible. Also, I have low budget, until 500 euros. I was thinking about Vanquish 540 (Multiple), B. H. Time Ranger Pro (19Khz), Simplex (12Khz) and Teknetics Patriot (13Khz). Would you choose one of these or something else and why. Thanks in advance.
Re: What detector to buy
October 16, 2021 08:48PM
You could also look at Garrett Apex. It's smf and has ground balance.
Re: What detector to buy
October 16, 2021 11:41PM
George...... can you afford a Equinox-600? (The 600 is a fair amount cheaper than the 800).
If not...... then I would only recommend the Vanquish-540. (Specifically because of Multi-Frequency operation......... which is paramount for the wet-salt beaches).
Re: What detector to buy
October 16, 2021 11:42PM
Re: What detector to buy
October 16, 2021 11:59PM
F-19 for wet salt beaches? I agree with Tom. Equinox 600.

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Re: What detector to buy
October 17, 2021 08:23AM
Thanks all of you for your answers. I was a minelab Safari owner and I sell it because it had some technical problems with the detector. Safari was very good detector for silver, copper and brass but very bad at gold. Also, it was very good to identify euro coins vdi numbers and had characteristic sounds. Now, a friend of mine owns a Minelab Vanquish 540 and I have test it several times. What I like, is the sounds (reminds me a little bit of Safari) the better identification that has for gold in contrast with Safari and the faster recovery speed. What I do not like is the limited vdi scale, it has not very good separation when hunting in areas with a lot of trash and iron, no threshold button, no tone brake and also, I faced a problem when I used it. I am using the coin mode with discrimination from -1 to 0 and the jewelry mode. Iron bias low and sensitivity one or two bars down. When I am suspecting that I hit a coin and I want to know if it is trash or coin by using the all-metal mode, to hear if there is iron tone or it is clear nonferrous tone, the iron tone is very strong and confused me for the target. As a result, I missed the coin. I have to say that a strong iron tone is heard most of the times when using the all-metal mode. What is the mistake?
About the detectors that I mentioned, I thought that T.R. Pro because of the 19Khz would have better separation than the other detectors in the list. Right or wrong?
About Simplex I do not like the sounds and the single frequency, but it is cheap, waterproof and solid. Also, it has and threshold adjustment only in all metal mode if I am right.
I have seen a lot of comparison tests between Vanquish and Simplex I end up that the result depends on the company which finance the tester person.
Monte, do you believe that multifrequency is better than a medium frequency (12-14Khz) or it is a marketing trick for sales?
I insist in separation, correct and different vdi numbers for different targets. After that what is the final suggestion justified?
Re: What detector to buy
October 17, 2021 10:21PM
Nox 600 with stock coil for beach and for trashy areas get the 6" coil for it.
Re: What detector to buy
October 18, 2021 05:57AM
Thank you all guys, i will go for the equinox.
Re: What detector to buy
October 24, 2021 12:01PM
If you get the 600, you will likely want to upgrade the headphones. The ones that come with it are cheap throwaways and look dorky. Remember that you have the option to go wireless.

I wish detector companies would stop including headphones with detectors and reduce their footprint on the planet.

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