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two box detector.

Posted by squarenail_cache 
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two box detector.
January 23, 2022 08:46PM
anybody ever actually find anything good with a 2 box detector. Didnt garret make an attachment for one or something
Re: two box detector.
January 24, 2022 03:19AM
Garrett's 2 box is an accessory coil set up. They made it for quiet a few of their top end detectors over the years. It works off the Non Motion All Metal mode. Originally called the Bloodhound. I have one for my CXII from 1995. It works well. I have used it to find dumps to dig bottles. I have a cast iron Dutch oven buried at arms length for a test target. It hits it no question. Garrett still makes it for the GTI 2500. It is now called the Depth Multiplier.

Re: two box detector.
January 24, 2022 10:21AM
the whites found a multi milllion $ hoard on jersey
channel islands so,e years ago
Re: two box detector.
January 24, 2022 11:02AM
I own and occasionally use my Fisher TW-5 twin box,only reason i purchased one was i got it off Ebay brand new and never used,a guy top dollar for it and could not fathom out how to the use it,i got it for a 1/4 of what he paid for it.But i would never pay the going price as they are just not used all that much over here in the UK.

I have used it about 3 times on possibly hoard sites and location the main hoard of one site that the gold staters had been scattered by the plough.....no good what so ever on single coins or small items,but the bigger the artefact then the deeper they will detect.

They do have some uses but not very often,so one has too take into account the 'cost to reward' ratio into account....if i was to choose between say a twin box and say a Pulse with large coil the Pulse combination would win every time.
Re: two box detector.
January 24, 2022 05:02PM
I have used 2 boxes with success before. When needing to hunt for a commissioned cache on 2 different occasions.

On one commissioned hunt, the Next of kin suspected their dearly departed kin had buried jars of silver coins. But the farmyard turned out to be EXTREMELY junky. D/t apparently the ranch owners had used the yard for barrel burn pits for the household garbage (back in the era before curb-side trash pickup service).

And no matter HOW much I tried to "ignore all the small signals", yet ....... kept finding myself digging a bunch "just to be sure". Doh ! I mean, ...... how do you know that a jar of coins at a foot might not sound similar to a flattened soda can at 6" ? Etc.....

Finally I abandoned a standard detector, and got a Whites TM-808 in the yard. And even though a standard detector can easily get a jar of coins to ~2 ft. deep (no better and no worse than a 2-box unit), YET : The 2 box simply doesn't see anything smaller than a soda can-sized object. In fact, I found myself deliberately holding the machine higher up off the ground, to deliberately not find anything small. Because I knew I was after cookie-jar /toaster sized objects.

Worked like a charm ! Got 6 containers full of silver coins, while digging very few large objects. Things like an entire pie tin, or caste iron stove lid, or engine valve cover will still beep, of course. But all the pesky coin sized objects were simply "not there" smiling smiley

Therefore : When you hear the common push-back retort that machines like nugget pulse machines, or standard machines with-big-coils can go JUST AS DEEP (or deeper) than 2-box machines can, here's the truth of that : Yes that might be true. HOWEVER, if/when you are truly cache hunting, it can be EXTREMELY VALUABLE to pass all small items. If you think you're going to trust your ears to simply "pass all small items", you will find that the devil is in the details.

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Re: two box detector.
February 10, 2022 10:40AM
That's pretty much my experience as well.
I think of them like those specialty tools you may only need a few times in your entire life....but you can't do the job without.