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Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book

Posted by cjc 
Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 26, 2022 11:38AM
I'm seeing a video from Calabash saying that such and such upgrades have made my book "outdated and worthless."
My response is this: To begin with, consider the source--here's a guy who tests 15" coils on full sensitivity. A month ago he was saying that the Legend itself was pretty much worthless compared to the D2 until a video was posted showing that its actually the better unmasker by far. Second, the basic skills I teach in my book (how they relate to ALL of the Legend's features) are never outdated and will help readers understand and get the most from any and all futher upgrades. He also states that the Legend with upgrades is a "different detector"--not true--the basic platform is the same--"Fast Digital Multifrequency." This is what the book is about. The most important upgrade feature--adjustable Iron Bias is dealt with throughout the book.
This guy has become pompous and self involved to the point of absurdity. He's gone from being vaguely credible--to the level of folklore. "Comments are closed" says it all. "Speak oh oracle..."
Anyone who has ever read one of my books knows that what needs to be in there--probably is.
I have no doubt whatsoever that anyone who chooses to read my book will get a lot from it. A lot went in.

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Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 26, 2022 01:34PM
I gained a lot of insight from your Anfibio Multi book. I plan on getting your new Legend book also.
Thanks for making good solid information available to the non anointed.

Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 26, 2022 05:01PM
Thanks Chris--I appreciate that a lot. Amazing how many haters pop up when all you are doing is to try and help people find gold and silver...
Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 26, 2022 09:41PM
CJC your Nox book helped me learn the detector a lot faster and it makes for a good read when it's raining and you can't be out detecting. I will be getting the Legend book soon.
Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 26, 2022 10:04PM
A few weeks ago, I received Clive Clynick's new book Beginner's Guide to the Nokta/Makro Legend.
Perfect for beginners that just bought a Legend who has found the owner's manual a bit overwhelming with all the feature's and settings.
Clive's book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn....
Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.
Great refresher course for seasoned detectorists.
Reading Clive's book also reinforces my findings using the Legend.

I have read several of Clive's and they are also very helpful and top notch.

DeepTech Vista X with 3 search coils.
Works for me
Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
July 28, 2022 09:11PM
Detectors and updates evolve quicker than folks can write books.
Re: Nokta Makro Legend Beginner's Guide Book
August 02, 2022 10:04PM
I would answer that by saying that the tech evolves faster than we can understand how to use it. This is something I've tried to address in the book by giving a run down on "fast digital," "multi frequency" and "modulation." With out this information the Legend is harder to learn. cjc
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