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D2, Nox900, Manticore question

Posted by ghound 
D2, Nox900, Manticore question
December 25, 2022 02:41PM
A quick question for those testing these machines, which one does better for depth and accurate ID on low conductors (small hammered silver)in high mineral ground?
I see the D2 is dropping the ID of low conductors near iron, is it the same in high mineral ground?

Cheers, and merry Christmas folks.
Re: D2, Nox900, Manticore question
December 26, 2022 04:24AM
I have the D2 and Nox 900. I've been testing them quite a bit lately. For the Nox I have the 11", 6", 5x10, and 15" coils. For the D2 I just have the 11". With each unit equipped with the 11 inch coils, they are pretty well equal IMO. I've actually been trying to find the clear winner between the two and there isn't a cut and dry winner between them on land. With the expanded ID range, even the ID numbers are pretty close all across the board. The one place the Nox has the clear advantage is in the water and that's because you don't need the stupid antenna to work in the water. I would love to have a 5x10 coil for the D2....that's actually the primary coil I am keeping on the Nox for now. I'm also curious about the 13" coil for the D2 but at $400 per coil...it makes it tough to play around with coils. Can buy 2 Nox coils for the price of 1 Deus 2 coil....thus why I have more coils for the Nox. I must say, the improvements they made on the 900 made it worthwhile to buy. I love the new shaft and grip.

I am on the list for a Manticore but the 900 has sort of exceeded my expectations and my thirst for the Manticore isn't as severe now.
Re: D2, Nox900, Manticore question
December 27, 2022 09:39PM
Many thanks Daniel
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