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Manticort availability

Posted by BamaJoe 
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Re: Manticort availability
March 01, 2023 06:42PM
The CTX came out in Fall of 2012 even with being 11 years old ……..Still has insane Resale value…… New & Used. …. Some YouTubers are having unstable / Falsing issues with the Manticore when the coil is in salt water / fine on wet sand only …….The CTX 3030 had the same issue when first released. Was fixed with the software update.
Re: Manticort availability
March 02, 2023 12:40AM
Was at a dealership earlier this year when a ML rep was visiting and she said that Manticore wasnt up to CTX tech but they are working to surpass that level.
But still, in many respects, its apples and oranges on how you use the machine. A very heavy apple to a lightweight orange, I must admit.

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