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Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro

Posted by sonny(IN) 
Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 04:57PM
I have a cz21 and usually go out of the country 1 or 2 times a year to water hunt. My question is if I had the Garrett AT pro how would it do in the salt water compared to the cz21. If comparable I could use the garrett all year while selling the cz21 and still have a salt water detector by having a garrett at pro. All advice appreciated...thanks
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 05:11PM
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I read the AT Pro is only for freshwater use?

Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 05:15PM
I would guess that experienced cz21 and AT users would tell you to keep the cz21 for salt water beaches.....not comparable for wet salt- water sand.
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 05:23PM
Never met anyone who successfully used it in the salt. As I recall, Tom has tested it in salt and does not recommend it for that use. It sure works good in fresh water though.
Better hang on to that CZ
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 05:42PM
thanks for all comments. better keep what I have it seems... PS It does work well in the salt water..............
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 06, 2012 10:37PM

I have a friend who has used his AT Pro on the salt water beaches here in NJ. It is not his first choice, as he mostly uses his Excal or Sov GT.

The AT Pro is not a depth demon by any means in the salt water, but can be useful in areas where there is a lot of small iron where the CZ21 may struggle in it's ability to sniff a few good targets out.

But...the CZ21 will go much deeper in the salt water and will be a much more stable unit. Not sure where you plan on going and hunting, but I would stick with the CZ21.
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 07, 2012 12:51AM
CZ21 and excaliburs rule in salt water and on the same beaches land CZ's and Sov's do also.

Never used a AT pro but used the old Garrett AT3 and was a ring magnet in fresh water and imagine so is the AT pro.

The only Garrett that gave me CZ depth was the GTI2500 in all metal that Id's.

Been there done that Sonny so hold onto the CZ for salt water.

Garrett makes good units but they are medium depth at best and can't compare in saltwater atmospheres...and believe Chris is right and advertised as freshwater units....
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 08, 2012 09:07PM
I had a At_Pro and I used it in the Gulf Of Mexico, I was not really impressed, once you get it below the screen your detecting by sound only, I also had the same machine in a fresh water lake in Nc, and it did perform better.
Fishers Cz 21 is a stronger machine.as far as depth.
My best water machine I owned was a 1280 with a solid coil, I could tell coins from trash.
Again I said I had the At_Pro and it left me disappointed on land and water. that's my $.02 cents worth..
Re: Fisher CZ21 VS. Garrett AT Pro
March 09, 2012 09:31PM
I have both machines and up here I can only use my cz20, the pro is to erratic, but I do good on the salt water with my XLT, not sure how deep it goes compared to the cz20, but I will find out this spring
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