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If Anyone wants some good reference Books on 1800's military insignia here's some free ones

Posted by Keith Southern 
I have these Books in hard copy...But just found out the Smithsonian allows them to be downloaded...

The are very very good reference work...

Hope some one finds them useful...They are in pdf format...



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Thanks for posting the link Keith.

I'll keep the .pdf files on my phone to read at a later time.
We have tons of military buttons on the fields over here and if I can come across a 1863 5 cents shield nickel then you never know what else is out there.

I'm sorting through the last 4 years of finds at the moment and I'm hoping I've mis identified some stuff. :-)
1863 Shield nickel?

You might want to start by checking that date again...
Re: A "63" would be a rare find indeed same as the "64" & "65"
September 07, 2012 01:21PM
It is a shame the old nickels fair so poorly in most soil conditions.
go-rebels ... Won't be the first time I've miss identified a coin :-(
Here's a link to a pic of it. Hope it works.


Think you just download it to view.

13 stars only.

The coin was in poor shape from the get go but as you can see it appears to be 1863.
I'll take any date you believe fit. :-)
Re: If Anyone wants some good reference Books on 1800's military insignia here's some free ones
September 08, 2012 02:37AM
Thanks Keith!!!!!!
Hmmm, the big hole is where the date should be. I don't think there's any way to make out a date.

There were no 5-cent nickels dated 1863 or 1864. The only 1865 dated 5-cent nickels were patterns and are quite rare. I've never seen one of those circulated.


Now 1858 Indian Head cents are a different story altogether:

Ray-Mo, let's see if you can find where I 'lifted' this pic of my four little Indians. I'll mail you a real, albeit well-worn, pre-1807 Bust U.S. large cent if you can find the original source (and it's not me). Happy hunting Ray!
Can I get in on the Bust cent LOL!!
September 09, 2012 03:27PM
These pennies were in an ancient cigar box with a bunch of other mid-19th century American coins.

I dont want to ruin it for Ray...If He can Find it..

I will tell you How I found it in less than 5 seconds after the game end's..

Good job Keith! (Five seconds is impressive)

But remember the caveat: "...and it's not me".
I'm an eternal optimist and I also believe in Peter Pan ;-) lol
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