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T2 versus F70

Posted by Coinseeker 78 
T2 versus F70
November 13, 2012 03:25AM
Is there enough difference between the Teknetics T2 and the Fisher F70 to justify the purchase of the T2 if you already have an F70? Is the TZ easier to use? Thanks in advance.
Re: T2 versus F70
November 13, 2012 04:07AM
Along these lines, I have a question also. On the detech website, comparing many detectors in air tests, the T2 is deeper than the f75 on all different targets. Tom, what are your thoughts ? TIA
Re: T2 versus F70
November 13, 2012 09:53AM
Coinseeker: Are you considering the standard T2 or the SE (higher spec) version?
Possum. I'm sure this has come up before - the Detech tests are done with the machines in Factory default settings, which are rather tame (for both machines) and presumably more-so for the F75. I suspect disc setting is the main reason for the differences.

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Re: T2 versus F70
November 13, 2012 11:43AM
If you already have a F70...... you would gain nearly nothing with the T2. In fact...... the F70 (in most cases) is slightly deeper than a standard T2.

When T2 and F75 are both set up for maximum performance....... the flagship F75 is the trump card.
Re: T2 versus F70
November 14, 2012 12:17AM
Thanks Tom. I am talking about the T2 SE. is there enough advantage to consider it in regards to my F70?
Re: T2 versus F70
November 14, 2012 03:28AM
The T2 SE levels the playing field a bit more.......... and in some cases........ would be a slight winner........... but not enough to quantify/justify the jump.
Re: T2 versus F70
November 14, 2012 05:19AM
Word to the wise be carefull when buying a T2 their are Chinese copy's selling on Ebay. Ask the Seller 2 questions ask about the 5 year Warranty and if it comes in a Fisher Box. That is if it's suppose to be new.
I have had a F70 and I now poses 2 T2 (made by Fisher) I liked the F70 because it would retain a saved program, the T2 does not. I like the T2 because my main machine has been the G2 and the Vdi numbers are almost identical.
If any one is interested I will sell one of my T2's standard version for $450 plus shipping comes with the DD Coil. I also have a CZ3d serial number 12112733 Made in El Paso,Tx for $450.00 Pus shipping, or trade both for a Etrac. Pm if your interested.
Re: T2 versus F70
November 15, 2012 05:13PM
Sent you a PM Greg
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