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Nexus detectors??

Posted by clamdigger 
Nexus detectors??
January 01, 2013 02:14PM
Have any of the multi detector users on here ever tried out the "Nexus Standard SE". It claims to be the deepest VLF type machine on the market. Wondering how it stacks up compared to a Blisstool or a big coiled F75LTD. I figure with the way everyone has been drooling over the Deep Tech machines that this might add some other flavour/perspective to the discussions. Or possibly drive Kevin a little nuts in his quest for the ideal machine ha ha!
Cheers and "Happy New Year" to all.

Nova Scotia
Omega w 11" & 5" DD, 10" Con.
Cibola, Compadre
6000/D GEB Coinmaster
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 01, 2013 03:04PM
Nexus does not have a lot of admirers in the UK ,sure it might produce a signal on deep finds under "test" conditions usually carried out by Nexus themselves but on a real hunt in iron laden or bad ground it will not impress,even on clean pasture I would prefer my Explorer 2 with 15x12 SEF. Also there are few if any youtube videos showing a normal user making deep finds ,considering Nexus detectors have been out several years this is not a good sign.!

Hot Bulgarian Detectors at the moment are the Deeptech Vista Smart and Vista Gold, also the Goldenmask 4 and 1+ are excellent ,I will be buying either the Vista Smart or Gold very shortly ,the smart is supposed to be deeper
and also has a boost mode but not a slow /fast recovery speed option ,Gary on his UK site prefers the Smart and thinks it's deeper but I don't think he used the Gold very much in the the slow mode with the booster on so maybe
that would have made a difference as shown on Keith's excellent video ,I'd love to see Keith test the Smart versus Gold on some real deep targets!
De-Tech EDS detector
January 01, 2013 06:25PM
Has anyone tried the EDS detector from the De-Tech Co. Same company that makes the SEF, Ultimate , and Accelerator coils.. Its deep in air tests , but??????
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 01, 2013 08:47PM
hey James I may get a loaner from Jevelin in the next few week's to try out against the other 2 I have...

The Smart does look Deep but will it seperate like the Gold? Maybe the F/S switch is in order? I know the Iron volume is in order..

I think the Gold is the premier site unlocker for them since they gave us the consumer all the good's in one package..

Not sure ...

The Gold is deep enough to keep me occupied for awhile....but the seperation is really in a world class league....the Small elliptical on that one might make the Gold a true site analyzer/depleater.....

Exciting times to be detecting right now..

Re: De-Tech EDS detector
January 01, 2013 08:49PM
I saw that one Mark...but have not heard alot about it....

Being their first forray into detector's...makes you wonder if it's in house or a repackage...

Re: Nexus detectors??
January 01, 2013 09:12PM
Has anyone noticed that all the really hot new machines seem to be coming out of Europe? That's really unprecedented if you think about it.

I was thinking maybe because they have so many centuries of iron over there, that's why they are building such great machines to work in the iron with.

Anyway I'm curious about the Gold vs the Smart too, Keith I hope you get a chance to compare the two a lot of us would be very grateful for that I'm sure!
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 01, 2013 09:33PM
exactly Lillo...

They have an iron contamination problem to the hundreth degree......

they dont have any options but build their own....

Manufacturer's for the most part here in the States are still catering to the park hunting weekend hunter...2 hours for once aweek to get some recent drop's..

sad but true....they do have some higher machine's but it's not first and foremost...

they serioulsy need to look at what the modern hunter requires to succeed or they will get left behind...

I think they are just starting to realize to find thing's nowadays iron must be attacked head on...

Where people congregate is where the most object's get lost..what's the number one metal used in the world for centuries? Iron...There will be more ferrous than non ferrous in those spot's but there is also the finds of a lifetime there if we can get to them by overcoming the iron obstacle...


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Re: Nexus detectors??
January 02, 2013 06:58AM
Hello Keith ,nice job on all your videos I really enjoy them ,can't wait to see that video of the SMART vs GOLD , it will probably decide which one I purchase ,a video on this forum by a member like yourself is the most reliable detector review on the internet as far as I am concerned!
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 02, 2013 10:59AM
(((James.... well said)))
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 02, 2013 06:38PM
Hey,james1969, I have heard over your way the Goldenmasks have been spoken well of for at least a couple of years.

Good to hear you will try out one of these Vistas, keep up updated on your opinions.

I believe you are the same James on TD's Compass forum some years back?
That has been some time ago, I kept searching for a Compass old Scanner Pro
didn't find one with a price I was comfortable with.

Gosh, I still see them for sale....but they are selling for premium prices....
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 02, 2013 08:49PM
Hello Steve

Yes that was me on the compass forum, I still have a soft spot for them,would still be very tempted by a nice Goldscanner or even
better a mint 77b ,never had one but John's video is real impressive,if a modern manfactuer could combine the 77b's crazy
unmasking ability with about 50% more depth it would be a killer machine !


Yes the Goldenmask detectors are fast and deep but the tones are a bit harsh ,the deeptech have more modulated
and informative audio to my ears ,I like my deep targets to sound faint,just prefer the deeptech machines in general.

Yes I'll certainly post a review here,interesting to compare it against my other detectors.

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Re: Nexus detectors??
January 03, 2013 12:06AM
It would be nice for Deeptech to send Keith a detector of his choice for all the free advertising he is giving! He'is giving the company a boost thats for sure. Thanks Keith for sharing!
Re: Nexus detectors??
January 03, 2013 04:40AM
Your quite welcome Possum...

Alot of new detectors coming out all the time....every once in awhile one grabs your attention, and you just have to pass it along..

As long as someone get's something out of it maybe they can put the info to good use..as long as people pass info around the better our chances are of finding a machine that fit's our need's...

Everyone hunts little different ...And sometimes I am hesitant to voice my opinion on thing's I like because someone else might get same detector and find it mediocore...Thats the thing though if you can find the strong point of the machine and foucus on that you can put it to use...

The Vista's, especially the Gold is deadly in iron and as deep probably deeper on low conductor's as any machine I can remember running in disc mode...
Really amazing machine once you get tuned into it...it takes about 10 hours for the setting's to snap into place and you start becoming comfortable with all the extra power...I like it ...It is a machine that looks simple and it is if you run it safe but crank it up and you can tweak it here and there as you move in and out of dense iron to semi dense iron to sporadic iron...yes I manipulate the controls as I meander through an area keeping it in top gear all the time...To get the best performance and the ultimate depth mesaging the controls is a must, yet fun to do...


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Re: Nexus detectors??
January 03, 2013 04:49AM
Thanks James...That really means alot...

I know the vidoes and my writing's are not of top quality and such...But as long as I get my point across to someone such as yourself I feel reward for helping someone make a decision on a detector...

I have always looked at detecting as the type thing the more you put in the more you get out and thats includes giving information that you believe to be true to other people....

If you obtain a Vista I think you will not be dispointed...espeacially if you relic hunt in iron, and also look for deep target's...

The Boost mode is the REAL DEAL in iron and out....

Thanks again

Re: Nexus detectors??
January 03, 2013 12:11PM
It appears that the Vistas are analog detectors.

Re: Nexus detectors??
January 03, 2013 07:04PM
Yes Rebel's they are analog..

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