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Choosing headphones for a metal detector

Posted by Kevin B 
Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 04, 2013 06:13PM
This morning, I have been looking at headphones. I have a few pair here at the house. I have the pair of black headphones that are included in the purchase of a new Teknetics G2. They are labeled FISHER. I see no where on them or on the internet that tells how many ohms they are.
I also have a pair of $21 Garrett Clearsound Easy Stow Headphones. No mention of ohms in their advertisement or on the headphone.
I also have a pair of Jolly Rogers headphones. They advertise an Impedance of 16 OHMs.
I found a pair of TreasureWise headphones with an advertised Impedance of 8 OHMS.

Question: What's the difference??? Obviously, I am looking for a pair of headphones for my upcoming Vista Gold. I'd like to think that I have what I need here. I saw in the Vista threads that Keith uses TreasureWise headphones and I assume that his are 8 ohms. In an analog machine, do you want higher ohms, or lower ohms. The headphones I have here at the house have don't have their OHMS listed. Maybe they are ashamed of their OHMS. I'd be proud of my OHMS, high or low, if I had any. Well, i think that the human body does have some resistance, regarding OHM's law. I took OHM's law when going through HVAC tech school but have forgot the significance.
Regarding metal detectors, is there a rule of thumb when it comes to headphones that are best??? This is a technical part of the hobby that I haven't considered. I'd just slap any old pair of headphones I owned into whichever detector I had. The pair of Fisher phones that came with the G2 developed a short that I found and I can resolder the loose wire and have a working pair of headphones. But I don't have clue what their Impedance is.
Anyway, to boil it all down, my question is: How do you choose a set of headphones for a metal detector??? Aside from ergonomics and style. Strictly from a technical viewpoint. Can/Will anyone holp me out on this one?
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 04, 2013 07:34PM
The Ohms of a headset can be prohibitive to decent audio. Like when you plug a set of 150 Ohm phones into an MP3 player.
The device simply hasn't got enough power Ooomphh to flex the membrames creating the sound waves.

Same in reverse when you plug MP3 earbuds into an adapter and then into a high fidelity amplifier.
The power of the unit will tear up the membrames, too much OOOhmmppphhh.

Simples use headphones with connectors designed for the purpose. The egineers have done all the math, so you don't have to.
8, 16, 32, 150 ohms doesn't say anything about a headphone. Just like the voltage you get from your wallsocket doesn't tell you anything about your favorite coffeemachine.
It's how they built them.

Stock backphones on a Deus sounded like cheapo pc gaming phones.
Stick on the adapter, or fiddle one up yourself like I did, get yourself hold of a decent set of noise canceling earbuds and enjoy what that machine is telling you.

I make a big deal out of headphones because I detect beaches, a lot of windnoise drowning those faint deep short signals.

Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 04, 2013 08:09PM
Thanks Johnb!!! Well answered! I just tryed to buy a pair of those Treasure Wise but they were sold out. I will just try the ones I got. Maybe I'll luck out and the cheap Garrett's that I mentioned in my original post will be ideal for the Vista Gold. Sakes alive have I got several perfect spots for that unit when it arrives!!!! One of the spots even has that ol orange dirt that makes my Deus ground balance higher! There was a CSA rectangular found there. Wonder if there's another.

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Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 07:01AM
Grab a set of Koss QZ-99s [www.amazon.com]
They are cheap!And the build quality is stout.
Use the search function here on the forum to see some reviwews of them. GREAT headphones/good noise canceling. They are 60 ohms.
I have these/Killer Bees/Sunray Golds and some hard to find AUVIO wireless headphones.
For metal detecting these QZ-99s are the best for me. They really bring out the tone details.
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 01:30PM
I have 6 detectors sitting here and 4 sets of headphones. Each detector has a different audio output frequency.
Seems one pair of headphones will sound better using one detector over another.
But, one pair would be universal to use if I had to choose one pair to grab. Only problem with them is to hear the fainter target using a threshold VLF machine,
the volume has to be turned up. Doing that increases damage to the ears as now surface targets, volume is excessive. These are the Killer B's, it needs a limiter clipper installed.
My other headsets already have the limiter installed.

To get the best headphones for your usage, think you would have to try several out on the detector you are using before making a decision.
A good thread at Findmall will give you an idea what different speakers sound like. [www.findmall.com]

Remembering the past--
Free vintage, classic metal detector catalog downloads.
Nokta Impact, Multi-Kruzer---------Built to find treasure-------I like.....
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 03:30PM
WOW!!!! I just called Garrett Customer Service to talk about my Garrett Clearsound Easystow (cheapies) headphones. I told her about the short in the line in the coil part of the headphones. She said: "That happened to me too!! Let me get your address and I'll send you a new set and we won't worry about that shorted set that you've got." Wow, and ya know, I used my set yesterday in my F5 because if you don't flex the cord, they won't short, and they sounded better than my Jolly Rodgers!!!! I bet they'll work great on my Vista Gold! I told Sue (at Garrett customer service) that I have NEVER had service like that!!!!! Pretty cool, hunh? New headphones.
By the way, since she let me keep the shorted set, i may try to fix the short in my spare time. But the short is in the coiled part of the cable....I'll need an ohmmeter.
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 04:54PM
I've had several brands over the years. I keep coming back to the Killer B's...even though they are the only ones I've ever had break down on me. The pair of Gray Ghosts I had worked great on my GPX but didn't like how they fit on my ears. The Killer B's are by far the most comfortable pairs I've had; although I've had 3 pairs that shorted out right where the cord goes into the ear cup.
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 05:49PM
Ohm my god!!
Now that is service,...

Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 06:06PM
You also have to figure in the fact that pretty much everyone "hears" differently, especially with age and exposure to loud noise. I have some trouble with high end sounds so I like my Grey Ghost Rattlers. Some find their highs a little harsh. I'm also a fan of one sided head phones. I want to hear what's around me as well as the detector but then others don't care. Seems like it's going to be a very individual choice.
Re: Choosing headphones for a metal detector
February 05, 2013 06:32PM
Have to agree with lipservice on the koss qz-99's. I bought a pair last year and have been more than satisfied using them with my cz-3d. I also have a pair of killer b wasp which i have had for 5 yrs. The sound is good on them also, but i have had to send them in 3 times for repairs. Mike.
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