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Thank you from Norway

Posted by roar 
Thank you from Norway
January 25, 2007 11:41PM
Hi Thomas

Just recently received your DVD, thanks a lotsmiling smiley fast delivery too. Have seen it twice since then and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. You speak a clear and understandable language when explaining things, you teach very well! It is most clearly that you really enjoy beeing out with the detector and the enthusiasm you show for this is very contagious. To bad every piece of land here where I live (Norway) is covered in snow, so detecting is not an option for me right now. After seeing your video I really wanted to go out huntingsmiling smiley
I'm using the time up till spring planning this years detecting trips throughout the country. There are some very interesting historical sitings around and we have a very old history. This year I am covering a lot of Viking sites and battlefields, and some old sites where people have gathered in yesteryears. In other words: coins and relics. I am using the Tecknetics T2 which I am very pleased with. I think this detector is capable of doing anything I want it to do, the only limitation is in the users head. I have a lot to learn and seeing your video really helped me a lot.

Luckily for me Mr. Dankowski is not here sweeping up all the good stuffsmiling smiley..but hey you are most welcome if you ever are in these areas....

Sorry for any bad englishsmiling smiley
Many thanks!
Roar T
Re: Thank you from Norway
January 26, 2007 10:51PM

Many, Many thanks from Norway! The DVD was created for T-2 (and Explorer) users.... as all of the generations of prototypes were showing serious potential/attributes and I knew that plenty of (soon to come) T-2 users would be 'inputting' for some of the content that was deliberately placed on the DVD.

I'll let the cat out of the bag = T-2 Operating Instructions:

92/21/mono/fast-grab (Especially for iron-infested areas)

Place Sens on '92'
Place Disc on '21'
Use only mono-tone (1 tone)
Fast-grab ground balance

....And never look back!

I have been using this set-up for over 2 years..... and can not find a better setting. Sometimes I can drive Sens higher,,,,,, sometimes a bit less. Overdriving the Sens is a paradox,,,,,, ...... it's more noisy/unstable, but ascertains greater non-ferrous resolution.

Thomas J. Dankowski
Re: Thank you from Norway
January 31, 2007 12:38AM
Hi again Thomas

Thank you for the very informative input! So what you are saying, this is the only mode you are using? How do you separate targets?.. only by the ID in the display? Doesn't this mode only produce the same pitch tone on whatever metal? Maybe these are stupid questions but I have have never operated the detector in the "1" # of tones and let's not forget the newbiee factorsmiling smiley
I'll surely appreciate your answer
All the best
Roar Tommervaag

...any thoughts on making any more of those exellent DVD's?..
Re: Thank you from Norway
February 01, 2007 03:28AM
Hi Roar,

It is in the 'audio' that you will hear the best target seperation...... and with experience, you'll soon see why this 92/21/mono set-up will present the best results.
I would like to produce a Beach Hunting video,,, but time constraints are slowing me down.


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