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Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments

Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 05, 2010 07:00AM
I'll admit I was excited but, a bit skeptical that I would learn much from watching a video, well.... I'll give it two thumbs up even if both are my own and 4 stars all the way.

Outstanding Video, I just received it this evening and watched it, twice!
The real world scenarios in the test garden and then in the actual field, truly shed some light on proper procedure and course of action with what was encountered. The mechanics of understanding what the detector is telling you and what it is not telling you was very informative.
The part where you were surveying the surroundings was quite interesting, reading what was there and then choosing your optimum hunting areas. I find myself struggling to hone this skill to maximize my hunting time.

I've encountered all of the scenarios that where encountered on the video at one time or another. The clarification, explanation of the targets with regards to how the detector was reacting or again not, was very good. I'm more confident than ever that I'm making the right call on things. I believe that I will be digging less iron now. (Thank you)

Extremely informative and I would recommend this video to all th'ers.
New guys and seasoned vets alike. I don't care how much you guys out there think that you know, you will learn valuable and useful information. You will pickup something and the basics will also be reinforced which is never a bad thing. Very well structured, extremely well done.

Tom, I'd love to see you work the beach with both VLF and PI. I'll even volunteer to help make this one happen, I'm in Pembroke Pines, Fl, if you need help just contact me.

Well, I'm reinvigorated and excited. I've drawn a lot of great info and energy from watching this video. My next day off is this coming Weds and I'll be out there dirt fish'n but, a bit smarter then before.

Thank you Tom, thank you very much.

Grant Aldrich
I agree completely
January 05, 2010 12:09PM
I agree
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 05, 2010 12:57PM
Me too!!! I've probably watched it 5 times now!!!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 05, 2010 02:31PM
My wife asked me how many times I was going to watch the same video. My reply, until I think I've learned all I can from it.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 06, 2010 01:59AM
WOW guys! Wow. ..............And I have always felt that I could have 'presented' MUCH better. Thanks for this important feedback.......but..... I will STILL try harder on the next video! Footage is done.....and a professional editing is in-work. Lots of work. Thanks Grant. And thanks to all!

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 06, 2010 10:58PM
Tom, please reserve the 1st DVD for me.

I'm a patient man!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 07, 2010 07:48AM
tom!..looking forward to it!..great source of information!..thanks for the effort!

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 08, 2010 10:33PM
I'm ordering 2 as soon as as they are available.
One for me and another for my best tecting buddy.
The last video has been invaluable to me in many ways. (even though I use another brand detector.) I put a bunch more time into research as well as really trying to understand the ground/area befoe me.
So funny because I saw this one section of a huge lawn and I said to myself, "that spot is certainly has a 'sump' look to it."
Sure enough when I hit later in the day, out popped a '41 Washington with water damage!!
Cleaned up OK but it just goes to show that following Dan's advice, I steered clear of that area, (except for 10 minutes) and found much better targets in great condition.

As far as comments-My first would be to steer clear of having something that is "over edited" or is really "polished". By that I mean there is a terrific raw feel to the Inland Coin video that makes it super fun viewing. (hence the 50+ viewings) The energy that is present is just a thrill.

Also-At some point an addition perhaps to a future DVD on responsible coin/relic retrieval methods in public areas such as parks. Many hobbyists are on their own and don't have a good guide as to the best way to retrieve a target without doing as little damage as possible to the turf.

Lastly-On the current DVD, the only area where I wish there was more test garden time spent on would be the iron masking section. (prior to the start of the real world section of the video)
There is such a huge problem in this arena, and I know it is a tremendous source of issues for any detectorist out there. From your articles, you have a depth of knowledge on this that most would love to hear and see more on. (Don’t get me wrong though, what is there FAR surpasses anything I have seen or read on the subject)

Thanks again!!

***Sunday 01/10...
Wow thanks for the reply Tom! In fact I purchased 2 of those shovels after my first viewing. And they work VERY well. (I hope ACE Hardware pays you by commission!!) In construction sites and old fields it is a huge time saver.

The only place I wish I could use them is in some of my very visible public parks. Honestly they make sense to use those. The roots stay intact and that size plug won't get sucked up in the city riding mowers. Alas-Anything larger than a small garden shovel attracts too much of the wrong kind of attention in my particualr area. I think that was where my comment was coming from and I am sorry to come off the wrong way on that... I realize now that my local spots are far from what most hunt across the country.
Make sure I am on your notify list for the next DVD!!!!!!!

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 01/10/2010 10:38PM by SilverPeter.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 09, 2010 02:46AM
You are most certainly welcome. And yes, , , I TOO had extremely strong desires to place extreme focus & time on iron...... inherent problems assoc........exceptionally limited unmasking abilities...........and an overall large overview on how best to tackle this EXTREMELY common occurence; HOWEVER, I needed to target the general market...................................and by doing such, , , would have 'bored' most folks to sleep had I covered this unmasking topic to my level of desire. SOOOOOOOO, this forum...and especially the home page article titled; "THE PAINFUL TRUTH" helps cover this topic; yet, I still feel incomplete.......and need to impart more data,,,,,,,,,,,.............time permitting.

Yes, the grass plugs fell apart in most cases....on the video,,,,,,,,(sandy soil)... and I would have covered......in much greater detail....... a MUCH more thorough/comprehensive basis, had the grass plugs stuck together better. Only one plug was textbook perfect......that being the wheat penny 'on-edge' plug,,,,,, if you remember that video portion. That plug stayed together, made no mess, and was undetectable to the naked eye....after completion.
And on this note; the fairly large shovel being utilized..... presents MINIMAL damage to even the most manicured grass......if properly utilized. I could have EASILY made that video several hours long.......... but did not want the audience falling asleep!

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 09, 2010 02:07PM
Tom, you have an interesting dilemma... I wonder how many of the buyer's of your first video qualify as members of the metal detecting "General Market". I suspect that a good many of us are at the upper end of the knowledge scale and, like me, are engineers (or have an engineering 'mind'), and welcome the in-depth understanding that you bring... the stuff that might entice the casual user to fall asleep.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 09, 2010 03:28PM
It's a difficult balance.....as I want to go to the extreme-technical-side; yet, NOT lose any viewers via having an overall/aggregate general coverage. Quiescence does not exist in this type of market; subsequently, I try to perform both.
Yes, you are right. On average............. it is the 'serious' hunters that would even contemplate acquiring a DVD or other additional learning tools. MOST detectorists just simply swing a coil.......don't even read any forums, mag's, books......don't belong to a detecting club....... don't discuss their hobby etc...........
Folks on forums are the 'upper-end' detectorists with upper-end detectors.......with upper-end knowledge.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 10, 2010 02:45AM
Tom if you don't go for the masses with your video most us would pay $20.00 cash to have a real in the field hand held video. I am not looking for style just raw info.. Get a hand held and let us buy it you may not a billion dollars but it would be for those of us that want to pick your brain...make two videos or charge more and use a double sided DVD..I know from a marketing point of view you have to make a video that will sell to most everyone interested in detecting..




If you don’t dig it, then how are you going to know what you’re missing!
How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 10, 2010 03:03AM
I believe that most of us would indeed welcome the technical / advanced side of metal detecting. I understand that there are many people who simply want to be entertained, let them watch from the sidelines, hopefully they will be inspired to go to the next level. I truly believe that the "serious hunter" you mentioned in your previous post, is a person who like myself can at times be extremely analytical about detecting. I'll admit it, I'm a turbo geek about detecting. I've studied things that would seem ridiculous to the average Th'er i.e. what frequencies do metals resonate, react, frequency penetration in relation to soil types etc, etc.
People who purchase a $100 radio shack bounty hunter detector are people who are not fully committed, they simply wish to be entertained. These people will not buy a serious or advanced video, they will watch free You Tube hunts and observe the finds.

The next level, are the people who still need to know how and where to swing the coil. They are looking for the basics and intermediate levels of information and of course still require the entertainment meter to be pegged. Its not a bad thing, they are not in need of advanced information yet as they still struggle to get the coil on the soil and wear out some boot soles.

I believe that if anyone is truly a serious Th'er, a hardcore hunter ground pounder, they are more apt to want more than just the basic understanding and rudimentary mechanics of detecting.

Do not hesitate to take the subject matter to extreme depth. I believe most of us at the upper levels are looking for a more calculated, scientific approach. I find it very interesting to know why and how at the advanced level. To me, it is entertaining even if the format is somewhat dry and scientific in nature.

Sorry for being so long winded but I guess what I really am attempting to do other then the obvious selling you on going with the advanced side is to simply state that the most serious Th'ers need the most serious information. They will indeed find the advanced side entertaining.
Knowledge is power and the better one understands his subject, the more effective he truly is. You sir could be the vehicle to advance people from the intermediate level to advanced.

I once again salute you for your hard work and applaud you for your achievements.

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 10, 2010 06:36PM
I couldn't have said it any better Grant!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 11, 2010 10:26PM
Of all the footage shot...... most of it is indeed (at minimum) a notch (or two) more technical. Your words help convince my video production crew to KEEP the overly technical portions. I'm also finding nearly all folks want an even longer video..... vs the 92 minute product currently available. One of the distributors wants/needs it to be 115 -120 minutes in length.

LCPM..... I know the money is there (and the interest).. but I'm just not into producing short, on-the-fly youtube stuff. I'm a stick-in-the-mud. Old-fashioned, professional & comprehensive direction only. Fortunately,,,, my video crew has the same mindset.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 12, 2010 03:36AM
I understand...I wish Youtube would let me spend more time explaining my set up and readings like you do but it is more for show then for info and I am set in my ways too and go for the glitz and fast shots...if I had the time I would and could do a lot more but when I saw your last video I said I feel I almost know this guy NASA TOM...he was the one that told me to stick with my CZ3 and I did and then all the info you offered us on the F75 and LTD took months from me having to figure it the hard way on my own...So thanks for your time on this forum and Fisher should give you an award for all you have done to support their products and help make them better.....I will buy your next video you can bet on that...can't wait.




If you don’t dig it, then how are you going to know what you’re missing!
How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 13, 2010 04:20AM
Tom, I'm extremely happy to hear that you've decided to go with the technical and scientific side. I'm sure its the right direction for the serious hunters out there. They will appreciate it. No one else ever delves into the subject matter deep enough for most of us and its usually just glancing over key points without any true substance. Generalizations usually yield half-assed generalized results.
I know that this wouldn't happen with your projects.

I would have to agree with everyone else as far as a time format.
120 minutes or even more would be great. This gives you time to elaborate upon the subject matter and deal less with sacrificing crucial elements due to time constraints.
Its so much easier making a video stretch for a longer period of time and add a some icing on the cake then it is to having to sacrifice parts that make it feel incomplete.

Just wondering, have you given any thoughts to the next videos subject matter?
What would you regard as the the most important topics for up coming projects?
I'm anticipating a large Dankowski video library in my future.

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 13, 2010 09:53PM
If the video is to exceed 120 minutes..........of which I have ZERO problems with..........it would compromise a bit of video quality (not content).

I'm the type of person of whom places soo much focus on the subject-matter at hand.......that it's difficult for me to coordinate.......or even concentrate on future projects/products.

There's a LOT of 'technical topics' that NEED to be covered; yet, no one else has covered/tackled these subjects. There is a lot of subjects that can tremendously help folks......and in short order. Never focus on 'just the detector'.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 14, 2010 04:06AM
Tom, I'm getting warm and fuzzy just thinking about these topics.
I totally agree, there could be entire libraries of both the mechanics of detecting with so many types and in so many environments as well as the huge list of periphery subjects. Don't hold back :-) There are priorities in the hierarchy and I assume you have them sorted?
Flowchart ?

BTW the wife just asked me "Are you going to watch this video for the 100th or the 101st time? "

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 15, 2010 04:01AM
Sales of the DVD have been somewhat restricted due to the word not getting out & around as much as predicted expectations; subsequently leading to slower revenue...........which..............in turn........... equates to just exactly how fast the next DVD release would/will be.
I have so much technical stuff to capture on DVD.........I'm not sure I have enough of a lifetime to do such. YES, much of these concepts have already been documented/mapped! Someday............with some future edition DVD..........I may just 'cut loose' with maximum/extreme technical data.......that would NOT target the general public. A documentum foray intent.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 15, 2010 05:48AM
Hi Tom

Sounds to me like a book may be in order. In the long run, it might be easier than trying to cover everything in a 11/2HR dvd. What do you think?

Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
January 15, 2010 12:57PM
A book would take MUCH more time. And, I'd rather utilize that time...swinging a coil!
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
April 21, 2010 12:50AM
Just had my first viewing of the video.

I started with a Metrotech, next was the Double Eagle and several Nautilus models, with a couple Tesoro's and now the F75 LTD. I also recently picked up a Whites Dual PI for the beach this year. I primarily have been hunting CW relics in VA and GA

I've been detecting on and off for around 40 years so I was curious what the DVD would teach me since I have already learned much from your articles and forum. The demonstration on how the iron completely masked the dime and created no signal at all was an eye opener!

Would AM help an area with that type of problem or just be too noisy for the brain to handle?

Also I'm digging signals that are erratic and coming up with good finds. I notice you walk away from some questionable signals I might have dug. Sometimes they are lead bullets and sometimes cuff buttons. I have only done this in areas I knew either did or are producing good relics. As the relics are becoming harder to find or should I say permission is harder to obtain, and land being developed, I have been drifting to coin and beach hunting.

I for one want as much technical info as you can give us. I can't believe how much more I am finding with just the small amount of info and the short time I have had the LTD, early Dec. 2 months of which were cut short because of snow. I can't imagine what else you could teach me if you left out so much and don't have enough lifetime to cover it. That really gives me hope this hobby will never get dull or run out of good finds.

Very impressive finds you made in the video. Is that a normal hunt for you or did you have a really good day?

Multiple tones are somewhat new to me also. I have been having good success with Disc 6 and Mono. If I primarily hunted in this mode and read the numeric on the signals would I be missing targets I could otherwise find in another mode using multi-tones or is it just less fatiguing to listen to multi-tones to differentiate the good signals? Most of my good finds come from areas with iron, nails, shrapnel etc. Civil war and old home sites.

I'll keep watching the video and see if I come up with any other questions. Thanks for what you are doing to help us.
Re: Inland Coin & Relic Hunting Video - Comments
April 21, 2010 01:14AM
Glad you enjoyed the DVD......and glad you liked the 'eye opener' ((the silent masking demonstration)). This particular demonstration has made many Mfr's upset. BUT........then..........certain folks like Dave Johnson & John Gardiner decided to take it on.....and tackle it as an opportunity.....and take the very first baby-steps to 'start' to tackle this extremely common occurance/phenomenon.........and created the T2. Then the F75. Then the F75 LTD.

The AM mode would NOT help with the silent masking what-so-ever. And yes,,, it would also be too fatiguing.............ESPECIALLY in iron-infested sites.

Yes, I walked away from a lot of potentially good 'digs'.......as I mostly concentrated on fairly good....solid sounding high-tones.......for video production purposes. In a true relic hunt..........I would have dug MUCH more 'questionable' targets.....and mid-tones. -- Your F75 should re-open MANY doors. There's lots of 'hope'. And when the next level of detector is released......it'll most probably produce the same resultant; that being the feeling that these 'pounded' sites will feel like they have never been hunted.

The DVD hunt was a exceptionally good day. Remember.......it was over 11-hours of footage..........and reduced down to a 92 minute DVD.

Monotone is a much 'cleaner' and less fatiguing mode-of-operation. Multi-tones just simply give you more data for your brain to process. Sometimes this is good...........sometimes it'll slow you down. It is a personal preference.
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