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Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...

Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 01:16AM
I was watching a video on ground balancing a Deeptech Vista ( I know you guys are tired of hearing about these detectors from me, but it is what I am getting used to right now), and on Gary's U.K. Video ( the video where all of the Vista detectors are in a line to start the video), he shows how to ground balance the detectors with a ferrite bead. The bead supposedly represents the worst possible ground that a detector would ever have to read signals through. So once set ground balance up then you should never have to ground balance to have your detector running at optimum efficiency. Apparently this is the test most companies use to set their detectors up to fine tune them. Well that got me to thinking. So I set my RG1000 V2 ground balance up with a ferrite bead and tried in on my yard test garden. Worked perfectly. No false signals. Great depth. But, can you really set one ground balance for all conditions and get the most out of your machine? Lots of ground varies from one point to the next, say 20 or fifty feet away it changes dramatically. So would we be better to set up the ground balance, especially on a manual ground balance machine, with a ferrite bead and forget it or ground balance several times during a hunt? Probably set as you go in real world conditions to my way of thinking for optimum performance. But, what really peaked my curiosity was when thinking about testing several detectors head to head would this not be the best possible way to set the ground balance for all detectors involved in the test? Level the playing field to make for the most fair test for all machines involved? Bring out their best strengths and expose their worst weaknesses? Yes it is just one variable of many for a true comparison test, but if it helps to get a true comparison test in your soil of each detector then maybe it really is worth thinking about. There I go, thinking out loud again...LOL!!! Help me out here guys.
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 01:50AM
NO NO NO>>>>>

Please dont set a manual ground bal machine to a piece of ferrite...and then just leave it there..

Theres a reason it runs so well in your dirt set to ferrite..Its set to high ...

if you had a scale or say a ground bal number to look at it on a screen it would be on about 90 with ferrite..

thats were a detector that has no way of being set externally is set at the factory to hopefully compensate for the worst ground...

But what if your not hunting the worst ground.I dount you are. your way to positive and thats a depth killer..

Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 02:01AM
Makes sense. Thanks. Strange they would say to do that. Seems way out of line for someone with experience with detectors to say that. Kind of what I expected for your response though. Misinformation through the electronics age runs rampant. I do not want to help spread false information. Just advance our thinking...Stuart
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 02:07AM
Guess I show my stupidity at times when trying to think outside the box. Live and learn.
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 02:21AM
Guess my dirt is worse than I thought. Hunting in northern N. C. And Va. red dirt maybe it is pushing the max on ground balance. Only about one to one and a half notches below perfect ground balance on the scale on my Vista Gold. But that is here in Halifax, N.C. Not in northern or central Va. Probably pretty much dead on there. Bad ground mineralization there. So back to square one on that thought. Ground balance to your conditions wherever you are. Thanks as always Keith.
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 02:44AM
Im not for sure of the U.K. Ground Conditions..

I went and watched the Video you were talking about.....

One thing people seem to have problems with on the Deeptechs is getting the ground right...since its not an all metal threshold based type system I think the disc "Power Balance" mode seems to throw people off and if you dont have clean ground its really tricky to find a spot...And i think they encounter alot of filed Coke..so maybe for just iron work its simple to Know where to have it..The machine's gorund bal is tied into the disc circuit as far as tone I.D. goes so they may not want depth but just good consistant tone break for nail's....

I Know they take a tejon over there and mod it to have a Pre Set ground bal.. So ?????

But I know around here I loose dpeth on a factory setting ground vs a Manual ground...But I have mineral....

Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 03:01AM
Yes, it is odd they would teach that. I'm no whiz, but that makes no sense. And no, not tired oh hearing about your Deeptech's.
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 03:58AM
Thanks for your thoughts and response Keith and Ozzie. Just hit me as a different concept as how to ground balance any detector. Not just their brand of detector. May have made more cense if they said that is how they did their brand. But is this how all brands test theirs? Ferrite bead for worst possible ground? If you did this on every detector for a test in your test bed would it give a more reliable test result of what each detector is capable of over all or would we be better just to ground balance with each detector to your ground and buy that detector? The obvious answer would be to buy the detector that seems to work in your soil. Just never like to close my mind to a different angle of what works in my soil or yours. Different thought process can result in different paradigm / results. You never know what you do not know until you know what you did not know before testing...Stuart

P.S.---Still learning and surprised at what I did not know.
Re: Ground balancing with a ferrite bead...
July 02, 2014 04:41AM
Gosh Keith, you and Nasa Tom never cease to amaze me. Every time I talk with either of you I am in awe of your knowledge and teaching ability. Just the fact that you can put everything into lay mans terms is so impressive. You both seem to be from such diverse backgrounds and yet get your point out to everyone who wishes to listen. Guess I am as southern redneck as you can get and really appreciate all the knowledge that the two of you impart. Very special for all who listen and wish to learn. Thanks for teaching those who want to be on your level of understanding and make us think about that which is not always so obvious. Sometimes the obvious at first impression is completely wrong. I was talking tonight to Old Beachnut (OBN) on Treasurenet and he said that he can now put a waterproof connector on an Excall II along with the pinpoint switch in the handle and custom headphones. I have the pinpoint switch and custom headphones, which he did for me,amazing improvement on my original Excall II. But with the new connector on the Excall II the Detech (Not Deeptech) Ultimate 13" coil would not work in the salt water or even brackish water for more than one inch, according to him. Anything over one inch and it would false like crazy. Great coil on land for the Soveigm GT, but useless in salt water. Why? Works great on land and wet salt sand. A no go in the salt water. Point is, that would have been my number one choice as a specialty coil with the waterproof connector on the Excall II if he had not tested it before I tried it out. I am learning all the time. Guess I am off subject , but learning always. Just call this a broad based thread...Stuart
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