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New Fisher Manta

Posted by Frank in NH 
Re: New Fisher Manta
October 31, 2019 11:56PM
This detector is a stepping stone for the future. All hunting environments will be able to take advantage of a discriminating PI.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 01, 2019 02:14AM
Funny thing about the future - it takes time!

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 01, 2019 02:15AM
calabash digger Wrote:
> Another thought... only some many people beach hun
> t....MAYBE there is not enough money in it????

Just a though......

I think in the long run its going to be more then a beach machine cause where there is gold there is money to be made.

If it can squeeze in and steal some of the Minelab PI gold prospecting market, it will make the beach "AQ" sales look small.

But here we wait....

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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 01, 2019 06:23AM
I really don't know much about it but I would think that the beach hunting market might be considerably bigger than the gold prospecting market.

There are beaches all over the world but gold prospecting areas are somewhat limited. There is probably a lot more gold to be found on the beaches as well compared to prospecting.


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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 01, 2019 10:38AM
I believe the Nox did something for beach hunting. Every year i saw a LOT of new faces on the beach especially during snow bird periods. But most were dry sand hunting with what ever they had. The Nox has proven to be both a good dirt machine and beach machine......... more and more are switching to them ive noticed. Price and its easy to travel with. So more hunters are getting IN THE WATER. Like most they get addicted and will likely want to upgrade. I think there is a bigger market that people think. But if its pricy and works no better than the TDI...... it might not be a huge seller. We are all banking on 7uS and disc working as predicted. I believe Tom pointed out that just a couple of inches depth can be huge for detectors. Personally i think this is a machine very few seasoned beach hunters will pass on. I mean its like the AquaStar reborn...... and now we can buy one.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 03, 2019 01:05AM
Killing some time with bad tides this past week, then the weekend with my little buddies, the grandkids...... so I rebuilt one of my excaliburs and turned my searching for LE JAG post around the world.
Took me a couple hours of interesting reading from a few other forums across the great pond. This post is Aug 6, 2019...three months ago..still looking for more

, [www.detecteur.net]


I still have no date, for the official release ..
'from what I know'
it passes at the moment the certificates for the battery
are crimped batteries
and Fisher want what there is better
for years to come, homologation level,
not to have a problem in the plane ...

- since the Russian video of the show in Germany
there was an uppgrade, new sticker
a mode was added
and the perfs improve / in pure power it did not change
but the separation gold / iron to progress clearly
he can now detect 24 k under a nail iron
even a big one, which was impossible before
and that is impossible for any detector whatever
the technology to use

what will come out in Fisher is much better
than the proto of the video of 2016

and they must tell you that the Manta / Aquamanta
and finally Impulse AQ
this n ' It is not a "detector" that
must be returned to 24 or 26 different cards (pcb)
with each time improvements,
sometimes backtracking and then good in front
as on the last!

now they do not touch
it is more than a question of production ..

the Terra version is finished also / mechanical - electronic
it is in test and there is only programming
who will move maybe ...

+ and for those who see me as the best beach prospector in France
and why not the world? : Mrgreen:

:eh eh:Lol, it's nice, but do not push
I'm just lucky to have always had better machines than those of the trade ...
And those who will be equipped with a QA can do the same winking smiley

Some tides, the weekend on the big coefs
I knew better, but for three days in August, it can go

Some More post by LE.JAG on the "AQ" SOME very Interesting.......READING but you have to hit the translate button on your browser, top right corner in the address bar.


One that was recently posted here...
Oct 11, 2019, 12:10

I have not much news ...
the beta testers are excellent, especially on volcanic sand
they have detected a problem of electrolysis on the connector coil / du to the strong pulse current of
the blow it is changed by a model to laminate
the battery has been changed to cope with the future standard / air transport ...

what is still dragging is the
FTP headset considers that the gray ghost that was planned in the package is too expensive
so they are looking for an alternative , probably the koss ...
and still no date out : - /

if mine, still works well
my last equinox tides, without equinox

One more from Oct 12...

hi carus, thank you
for the chain, she had a medal plated ...
she is very fine, I have a sound on the sand, the clasp I think ...
the big ring is silver, but I the fact that the little yellow discribed
everything else is in all metals

for the headphones, Alexander to work a lot on audio
so he wants a headset at the height of the detector / we did tests with that of cz21
but c was not good ...
and then saw the price that will certainly be over $ 2000
as having a good helmet in the package, it seems to me a minimum

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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 03, 2019 11:31AM
My concern......Micro targets.

With the pulse delay talked about with this detector are we going to see a super sensitivity to micro targets? In the quest for depth is there a trade off for it?

I got to tell you....I have no interest in micro targets. Time is a huge factor in the beach hunting equation.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 03, 2019 11:53AM
Well Joe...... if you have nothing to do start building some of those headphones.... seems there may be a market right off the bat.

Everyone shutters at a $2000 machine now..... yet jumped on board for the CTX. I remember the AquaSound which was mostly a Fl machine built by Tindell (Nautilus in a box) was selling for $3200.... coils were $500+ and battery change was $400. Nitch machine indeed..... but they sold..... why ... because they worked very well over about any machine being used. That translates to finding more gold .... and paying for that machine quickly. The price WILL knock out a lot of the snow bird hunters and others that dont hunt beaches enough to make it cost effective. Many will stay with the less expensive multi use machines that they have. BUT...... if this baby works, it will be a machine the serious hunter would like to have around. Im still a doubting Thomas about some of the claims....... one of those being by Christmas lol. The one thing i would hope thou..... if you are going to put a hefty price tag on this machine at least give us a VERY GOOD warranty. That speaks volumes for the faith you have in the build. I hope the claims of finding gold under iron works in the salt water..... surprise me.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 04, 2019 03:14AM
Tools are often priced based on what they can produce - rather than the cost of producing them. If you don’t believe that just look at a graph of the price of Minelab GPX machines as the price of gold increased!

First Texas’ problem is that a complex machine at a low production rate has to cost a lot to build - and to make a profit for the manufacturer and leave a good margin for the dealers - it ends up costing a lot at the retail level. Problem for them is that they HATE this. They make most of their money selling container loads of entry level and mid level machines at increasingly reasonable price levels - they have to - the world of metal detector pricing is changing fast.

We will see what they come up with when the AQ and later the “Terra” hit the market. Till then we have LE.JAG.

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 05, 2019 12:30PM
Peoples jaws hit the floor when the CTX hit the street with its price tag...... BUT they sure sold a lot and would still be selling had not the Nox came out. Fisher may have one shot at a crazy price tag to help pay for the next generation/platform. These machines will sell if there is a REASONABLE price to those who want one. However ...... this group will also determine how well the machines work and if they are worth the investment by others. NO machine is perfect we know that. But like the Nox ..... this ones sounds promising. It also produces a thought process by other companies which could open up a new direction.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 05, 2019 02:03PM
Dew - you hit it out of the park on your post above! The early buyers of the AQ will be the ones who are most enthusiastic - and they are also the most experienced and discerning. Their judgement of its value and performance will be important.

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 05, 2019 02:50PM
So if the price is over $1000, we should all hold off on buying one for six months to a year after it is released. That should help bring the price down to a reasonable level. cool smiley

On second thought, that might not work. Minelab is still asking $2500 for the CTX. It wouldn't be fair to the previous buyers if they lowered the cost. Now they are stuck with an overpriced machine that won't sell.

It will only be a matter of time before another company comes out with their own version of the AQ at a lower price. I might pay off in the long run if Fisher keeps the price of the AQ as low as possible. They might very likely sell more machines that way.


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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 05, 2019 07:33PM
I tell ya what fellas, I have learned my lesson in these detector forums and discussions. The next detector that gets me excited and starts producing finds that is beyond the ability of anything I have previously seen....you won't see me posting or talking about it. I will keep it under my hat and hope that the word doesn't get out about how great it is.

I could kick myself for not doing that with the GPX. Hindsight is 20/20 and it was a very very bad thing demoing to people what they were missing with their favorite goto machines. Because the saying is true...you don't know what you are missing. Life was much funner and easier when people would walk through a field swinging their favorite and not hear any signals....they just assumed nothing was there to find and kept moving on. In the mean time, ole Daniel is pulling bullets, plates, coins, buttons, etc out of their boot prints. Do that enough and people take notice. What I should have done was just lay down and acted like I was taking a nap til they got out of sight, and then resumed digging smiling smiley

If/when the Impulse ever hits the market, I hope it produces like LE Jag has shown it to be doing for him. And in a very greedy way, I hope it is priced high enough to just be out of reach of the average detectorist, because let's face it...we are competing against other hunters for what is in the sand/water and it sucks when the competition has the machine that you know and feel is the best current tool for the job at hand, and it sucks even more when they know how to use it.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 01:55PM
Dan’l - good post. FT knows this will be a niche machine - high cost of production - low sales volume. Lots of money sunk into development over the last 2.5 years starting with acquiring the project and the “Euroteam” back in 2017.

They would love to have a $1000 killer beach machine. But that ain’t gonna happen. Still, Fisher’s decision to call it the Impulse AQ instead of any other name shows their desire for this machine to continue the tradition of quality and performance which caused Tom Walsh to buy up the dying embers of Fisher and hire Dave Johnson - they wanted a high quality line to go with the mass market Bounty Hunter one.

Their real money will come when the “Terra” hits the market in Africa and the other places where hordes of “artisanal miners” are at work finding gold in previously unexploited placer deposits. Thousands of detectors a month - container loads of them shipping from El Paso to the world. That’s the pay-off.

The Euroteam “ain’t goin nowhere” they are busy working on further refinements of the PI platform as well as totally new detecting modalities.

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 06:05PM
I guess I lack you positivity Rick in the Terra stealing that much of the gold market from ML....especially on their first try. If anything ML would reduce their price. ML already k owe the terra and AQ are coming.... the longer it takes the more time it gives them. If they feel the Tera is more of a threat surely that’s where their focus will be. You call the AQ a nitch machine if so from looking at what people are using on the beach ML has little to worry about.....Nox, Xcal and CTX. Heading toward mid-Nov and nada peep. I’d assume at this point they could throw us a bone and post a manual for our casual reading.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 06:45PM
A lot might depend on how many people are willing pay a higher price just to hunt by tone alone. Many today seem to be addicted to their VID screens and enjoy playing with all those computerized settings.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 07:11PM
tone id can be really enjoyable if there is a wide array of tone like for minelab, aka. but some people doesnt like those...
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 07:25PM
I prefer to use tone ID versus a screen. Though by that I mean tones that modulate and blend, not having 50 tones for example. The proportional audio on the Garrett AT series is basically what I mean by that. If someone could put the audio from an AT Pro on a modern platform that would be my perfect detector.

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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 10:28PM
Water hunting often relies on tones.....you can’t see that screen. Tones often are much more reliable on deep targets. I also like to do REVERSE hunting....1 tone just to find a target....THEN bring on the multi tones. I find the screen often is used to NOT dig a target. It’s just not as big of a deal for beach hunters to have a screen. BUT dirt hunting..... I like the added information especially for turf hunting.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 10:49PM
I'll hold off for the reports to come in. As I said above.......I have no interest in micro targets. Is it a ring 12 inches deep or micro piece of crab trap 2 inches deep? The trade off for the pulse delay needs to be reasonable. Or its back to BBS.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 10, 2019 11:03PM
It would be interesting to know how big the water hunting market is compared to the wet sand hunting market worldwide. Very few beach hunters ever enter the ocean in New England. There's just no need to. Detectors here don't even need to be waterproof.

I'm used to hunting by tone from my CZ20 days. If there's a screen I look at it, but it's not really necessary. Three tones is all I need.


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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 11, 2019 11:09AM
Badger in NH Wrote:
> It would be interesting to know how big the water
> hunting market is compared to the wet sand hunting
> market worldwide. Very few beach hunters ever ente
> r the ocean in New England. There's just no need t
> o. Detectors here don't even need to be waterproof
> .
> I'm used to hunting by tone from my CZ20 days. If
> there's a screen I look at it, but it's not really
> necessary. Three tones is all I need.
> .
I'm curious as to why hunters rarely go in the water? Thanks
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 11, 2019 11:27AM
WAVES is the answer to your question. Couple of hours on the coast some days can really kick your butt as opposed to places like the Gulf and fresh water hunting. I think water hunting is just now being looked at seriously since the introduction of more waterproof machines have hit the market .... and of course the more finds being shown the more interest. There is a lot more wet sand with the long tides on the coasts. As far as waterproofing...... anytime you hunt salt water beaches it can really take a tole on NON-waterproof machines.... plus you need to rinse off the machine after use.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 11, 2019 01:32PM
No, waves are not the reason. Yes, we do get big waves but there are lots of times when the ocean is flat and you could easily water hunt.

The main reason is the tides. Our tides range from 8 to 11 feet. The tide goes out 500 feet or more on some beaches leaving a huge amount of area to search. The crowds do swim beyond this at low tide, but we can easily access that area during the negative tides which occur each month. That leaves a relatively insignificant bit of area where people swim beyond that which is hardly worth hunting. Lots of gold and silver from the tidal zone does get pulled out beyond the wet sand during storms but it is laying in a bed of sizable stones which are often covered with sand and it would be impossible to dig in while standing in waist deep water or even diving.

Also, the most productive time of year to beach hunt is October through April when the storms remove many feet of sand. Water temps this time of year are way too cold for most people, although I'm sure many would be out there water hunting in the 40 degree water if there was stuff to find. I know I would.

The Explorer was probably the most popular wet sand machine in New England until the Equinox came out.

Here are a couple of our local beach cams. Low tide will be at 4:15 this evening just before sunset.



Drone footage of Old Orchard Beach, Maine on a perfect summer day. [youtu.be]


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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 11, 2019 10:47PM
Thanks for clearing that up! I am now in the know!
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 12, 2019 05:16AM
All I want is beep and crazy deep......... my shirt is ready! Come on "AQ"

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Re: New Fisher Manta
November 12, 2019 10:46AM
Joe...... stop sucking up buddy you arent getting one earlier than the rest of us LOL. (PS....... if that works thou let me know.) Ive got to have a little more than a single beep Joe.... thats why im not using a PI now.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 30, 2019 11:30PM
New info.
see this link posted by Le Jag

Re: New Fisher Manta
November 30, 2019 11:47PM
About 2800.00 dollars. Wow......that's a lot to shell out.
Re: New Fisher Manta
November 30, 2019 11:52PM
goodmore Wrote:
> About 2800.00 dollars. Wow......that's a lot to sh
> ell out.



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