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Summer heat and Detectors?

Posted by Harold,ILL. 
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Summer heat and Detectors?
May 28, 2018 01:41AM
With the Hot time of year upon us I always wondered are digital Detectors more prone to heat damage than analogs if You left them in the trunk of a car on a 90 plus summer day? I know it's ideal not too but just in case?
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 28, 2018 04:43AM
I leave mine in my car and never had a issue ....think someone smashing my car window and taking my detector worrys me more. (Not looking forward to hunting in the heat)
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 28, 2018 11:32AM
The manufacturer posts specifications normally. These include operations and non-operating temperature limits. MFor the NOx, the upper limit is stated as 122f.

Researchers in AZ have measured internal car temps in July when the temp was over 100f. Car interior components reached temps as high a s 190f

There is one thread on Dankowski where a guy’s Nox screen faded away while he was detecting in full sun - no one else chimed in the say that they had the same problem.

IPhones and iPads have a thermal shut down feature - overtemp and they won’t turn on, but the screen does display the message that it’s over temp.

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 30, 2018 01:03PM
Cars have trunks. Trucks and SUVs and wagons don't. Sun thru glass probably hotter than thru trunk lid.

Those things people put in their windshields to keep their cars cooler? What if the sun's coming thru the back or side glass? What if that sunscreen material was used to cover/enclose a detector - would that help keep the detector cooler?

Wouldn't hurt to carry a thermometer in the car along with the detector and try different storage locations/solutions.

Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 30, 2018 01:27PM
speaking from experience, NEVER leave your detector in a hot car especially if it is digital.
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 30, 2018 04:38PM
I use WeatherTech rain guards on my SUV and they allow me to be able to crack all 4 windows about 1 1/2 inches without anyone knowing that I have them cracked. Also I don't have to worry about the rain. It easily keeps the inside temperature of my SUV 30 to 40 degrees cooler when it's parked in the direct sunlight in the summertime. I also park in the shade when I can. Even without detectors to worry about it's nice not to have to get into a super hot vehicle.

Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 31, 2018 01:36AM
I'm pretty reluctant to store a detector in my trunk, except when I'm using one and will get the other later.

I would be the one to take it for granted and have something go wrong.
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 31, 2018 04:18PM
Welllllllll..... I was reading one guy was having issues with the screen on his Nox because it was getting hot and washing out.
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 31, 2018 04:31PM
I wouldn't do it on purpose or regularly unless they specifically say it can take the heat. Most electronics do fine in the heat but it all depends how its made. Sometimes the glue can melt, the heat can make the metal bend causing the glue to break, etc, which can lead to a broken machine. I've seen it happen at work several times when people left their laptops in the car...but your car stereo is just fine because its made for it. So it all depends. I just wouldn't be one to test itsmiling smiley

Having said that, I left my detector in my trunk all day yesterday by mistake! Usually when leaving a detector, surfboard, etc in my car I crack the windows slightly, use a windshield visor, and park in shade if possible. Those can drastically reduce the heat.


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Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 31, 2018 07:27PM
My cell phone shut down today because of this Texas heat. Of course I was working outside and the phone is protected in the black armor, that I guess could cause an issue. Txquest
Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
May 31, 2018 11:15PM
Warning - this is totally (mostly) OT (off topic)

In the late ‘60’s when I was a kid co-pilot in KC-135 tankers, we used to go on “vacation” to South East Asia for 3 months at a time - a couple of times a year - “Young Tiger” was SAC’s name for it. Refueling support for the war. OK - get to the point Rick.....

The airplanes sat out in the sun at Royal Thai air base U Tapao in the tropical summer. If you had a flight later than early morning, the plane had an inside temp of probably 120 - 130f. The humidity was over 80%. The result was that by the time you completed pre-flight and clearance, taxi, take off - you would be totally soaked with sweat. Then you climb to altitude, fly around refueling strike aircraft or waiting for them for 4 - 6 hours. AC running full blast. Result - freezing your buns off!

The “old heads” explained that the solution was simple. Complete the external pre flight inspection, get in the aircraft - then strip down to T-shirt and skivvie shorts. At cruise altitude put back on your not sweat soaked flight suit and all was well.

One hot afternoon, as we waited to take the active runway, I looked around...there we sat...Aircraft Commander, me - the co-pilot, navigator and boom operator. T-shirts, skivvie shorts, boots, parachutes, helmets.....

I said on the inter com (always being a smart a**)..”If we crash on take-off, I hope we burn...I don’t want to be found like this!!!”

Rick Kempf
Gold Canyon AZ- where there is no gold

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Re: Summer heat and Detectors?
June 01, 2018 12:28AM
I did read somewhere that extreme heat can crack the epoxy holding the wires in the coil. Don't know about the digital screens. Most cars now days have a screen for the radio.