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Thomas Dankowski Metal Detecting Forum

This Open Forum is now DISABLE to new posts due to the "Phorum" Forum Software used for this forum being generally obsolete and basically no longer supported. Recently, the server that hosts this website upgraded to MySQL version 8.0.36 and Phorum 5.2.23 is not compatible with MySQL version 8.0.36. This Phorum based Discussion Forum will still be available for viewing and reference but is no longer accepting new postings and will be READ ONLY.

To visit the NEW forum, CLICK HERE!

Please note that those wishing to use the NEW Discussion Forum will have to re-sign up. Due to encryption of passwords, I cannot transfer users from the Phorum platform to the new forum platform. I am sorry for all the inconveniences. This Phorum based discussion forum will still be here for reference and veiwing, but will be closed for further posts.  
This forum is currently read only. You can not log in or make any changes. This is a temporary situation.
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This Forum is now READ ONLY !!!

by wildwally1
0 1 02/14/2024 02:36PM
Last Post by wildwally1


by NASA-Tom
82,809 995 02/14/2024 01:06PM
Last Post by markg

Dry sand operation

by Miikey
68 3 02/14/2024 02:27AM
Last Post by Miikey

SOLD: Minelab FS: Vanquish 540 Control Head/Handle Assy

by TexHunter
47 1 02/11/2024 10:51PM
Last Post by TexHunter

FS: Minelab EQX15 Coil

by TexHunter
44 1 02/11/2024 09:15PM
Last Post by TexHunter

Interesting hunt

by markg
335 13 02/10/2024 02:51PM
Last Post by NASA-Tom

Still having Issues.

by wildwally1
216 7 02/07/2024 09:20PM
Last Post by steveg

The latest version of Phorum has been uploaded !

by wildwally1
816 24 02/06/2024 09:42PM
Last Post by steveg

Garrett atx ground tracking ?

by Dayner
158 7 02/04/2024 12:55PM
Last Post by Dayner

Tesoro Tejon

by Woodbutcher
189 4 02/03/2024 02:14PM
Last Post by mascard1

Unmarked graves

by markg
384 4 02/02/2024 02:40PM
Last Post by JCR

What do you think of your Manticore

by Tom B
459 5 01/30/2024 04:11PM
Last Post by possum mo

new presentation on the forum

by Dayner
309 12 01/29/2024 09:06PM
Last Post by Dayner

Help with a CZ7a NOT PRO,

by Flintstone
226 8 01/25/2024 10:24AM
Last Post by Harold,ILL.

8" coil for equinox?

by marcomo
212 5 01/24/2024 01:45AM
Last Post by NASA-Tom

No longer a detector dealer

by SkiWhiz
359 3 01/17/2024 03:30AM
Last Post by marcomo

Original Tesoro Cutlass

by blawson
216 2 01/13/2024 02:33PM
Last Post by Rick, N. MI

New Year

by lytle78
322 3 01/05/2024 04:56PM
Last Post by doc holiday

Double post. Sorry

by Woodbutcher
111 1 01/05/2024 04:05AM
Last Post by Woodbutcher

Looking for a tesoro 5 pin machine

by Woodbutcher
158 1 01/05/2024 04:04AM
Last Post by Woodbutcher

CZ 3d

by sheds
405 10 12/30/2023 09:55PM
Last Post by sheds

What are the affects on your metal detector from moon phases...

by search and recovery
1,773 9 12/27/2023 10:44AM
Last Post by NASA-Tom

Childhood coin/bank experience

by NASA-Tom
650 30 12/26/2023 06:31PM
Last Post by steveg

Old vs New Technology

by Capphd
653 11 12/26/2023 03:01PM
Last Post by doc holiday

Golden Mask 4WC wireless coil released

by sanjuro
186 2 12/26/2023 10:27AM
Last Post by Original Buttondigger

Tesoro Tejon

by SkiWhiz
216 1 12/25/2023 09:53PM
Last Post by SkiWhiz

Anyone have experience with the new Simplex Ultra?

by Detectorist
262 1 12/23/2023 05:40AM
Last Post by Detectorist

Christmas...Yule...between two worlds - or continents..and ages

by lytle78
179 1 12/23/2023 04:47AM
Last Post by lytle78

FS.... Minelab Equinox 800..SOLD!!

by Dan(NM)
229 1 12/22/2023 01:53AM
Last Post by Dan(NM)

WTB Tesoro coil

by SkiWhiz
266 12 12/21/2023 01:39PM
Last Post by Rivers rat