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Thomas Dankowski Metal Detecting Open Forum

This is an Open Forum to discuss any metal detecting questions or subjects. Please feel free to discuss any metal detecting subject, in good taste and with due respect to all users. Thomas Dankowski frequents this forum and is happy to share his knowledge and experience about metal detecting to answer questions along with many other metal detecting experts who frequent this forum.

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Relic Season has begun - Racer or Bust, please be Seated for the Barber smoking smiley

by Cal_cobra
7 3 11/28/2015 02:12AM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

GOLD RACER Now Im really STOKED!!!   (Pages: 1 2)

by Keith Southern
1,933 46 11/27/2015 11:23PM
Last Post by rustic charm

Tom Calibrated 1021 CZ FS

by njnydigger
393 5 11/27/2015 10:35PM
Last Post by Harold,ILL.

New Deus coil info

by tnsharpshooter
937 17 11/27/2015 07:15PM
Last Post by therover61

VIDEO of Makro Racer @ The 1840s/50s Stagecoach Stop

by MichiganRelicHunter
352 8 11/27/2015 04:39PM
Last Post by Tom41

Stunning Book! Relics of the Coastal Empire: The Civil War Years

by ncwayne
71 1 11/27/2015 04:00PM
Last Post by ncwayne

A few Blisstool V6 hunts in pounded sites--commentary

by tnsharpshooter
625 23 11/27/2015 06:34AM
Last Post by glasartisan

Not many comments/post about latest DIV hunt....

by tnsharpshooter
545 17 11/26/2015 11:04PM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

How can I tell which version of non-dst T2SE that I purchased?

by Kevin B
139 2 11/26/2015 08:31PM
Last Post by Kevin B

XP GOLD MAXX POWER (GMP) - Field Test   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by NASA-Tom
24,820 223 11/26/2015 05:35PM
Last Post by nate53

My Fors Gold Plus rundown VIDEO

by Keith Southern
1,194 17 11/26/2015 04:24AM
Last Post by Kevin B

Is this for real???

by Lawrenzo
402 5 11/26/2015 03:38AM
Last Post by njnydigger

Deep Tech users and want a be Users--some info

by tnsharpshooter
358 6 11/26/2015 03:15AM
Last Post by deathray

Deteknix X pointer are they any good?

by 88junior
405 14 11/26/2015 02:03AM
Last Post by khouse

Broken ear on coil. Help

by Mccrorysjewelry2
573 16 11/26/2015 12:24AM
Last Post by supertraq

Want To Know How Old That Old Wrench Is.

by Will Penny
395 7 11/25/2015 08:11PM
Last Post by aguerrero56

Metal Detector Beeps over Child's Stomach

by TabWhisperer
334 7 11/25/2015 07:49PM
Last Post by aguerrero56

battery extenders?

by Rod-PA
165 5 11/25/2015 06:58PM
Last Post by Dan-Pa.

For The Shotgun Shell Connoisseur

by Will Penny
225 3 11/25/2015 05:18PM
Last Post by doc holiday

Only one old coin but!

by Cabin Fever
458 20 11/25/2015 03:57AM
Last Post by IDXMonster

F75 hunt(today) Tips on the f75.

by Beyonder-Pa
382 8 11/25/2015 01:21AM
Last Post by basstrackerman

Has anyone ever ran a Tesoro Conquistador?

by deadlift
216 4 11/25/2015 12:11AM
Last Post by deadlift

Do you think a headphone limiter switch could be used as a surface blanker?

by Mike Hillis
418 16 11/24/2015 03:24PM
Last Post by Pimento

A 1st in 30+ yrs of Diggin grinning smiley

by MichiganRelicHunter
634 26 11/24/2015 06:17AM
Last Post by Cal_cobra

Tangra Pulse Force Metal Detector

by psaxtis
462 7 11/24/2015 04:17AM
Last Post by search and recovery

XP Goldmax Power first hunt pics added

by docbars
334 9 11/24/2015 02:16AM
Last Post by docbars

Gold and silver from my crazy soil!

by diggwr27
351 6 11/24/2015 02:09AM
Last Post by docbars


by Nokta Detectors
679 11 11/24/2015 02:03AM
Last Post by search and recovery

NEL Coils for Tesoro

by Daniel Tn
537 19 11/24/2015 01:02AM
Last Post by Digger70pa

Got the Bezel but not the Coin

by ShovelNose
284 4 11/23/2015 05:05PM
Last Post by ShovelNose

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