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Thomas Dankowski Metal Detecting Open Forum

This is an Open Forum to discuss any metal detecting questions or subjects. Please feel free to discuss any metal detecting subject, in good taste and with due respect to all users. Thomas Dankowski frequents this forum and is happy to share his knowledge and experience about metal detecting to answer questions along with many other metal detecting experts who frequent this forum.

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Concerning the Garrett ATX

by Slag
69 6 07/31/2016 01:30AM
Last Post by Slag

White's caught ripping off consumers with MX Sport   (Pages: 1 2)

by Kemper94
860 52 07/31/2016 01:29AM
Last Post by auminesweeper

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

by Kemper94
18 1 07/31/2016 01:15AM
Last Post by Kemper94

Blisstoll / False Depth Claims. Y-Tube

by relicstevemd
123 6 07/31/2016 12:35AM
Last Post by Junk and Disorderly

Returning to the world Of BBS.....Interesting Video of a Guy with a EMF gauge around a BBS unit   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by Keith Southern
4,656 131 07/30/2016 10:15PM
Last Post by Keith Southern

Dealers still selling the MXS

by auminesweeper
312 14 07/30/2016 10:11PM
Last Post by GreenMeanie

pinpointers; hot ground; interference with VLF detectors

by ncwayne
81 6 07/30/2016 09:47PM
Last Post by Dan-Pa.

Keith Southern Modded SurfMaster II F/S! Price drop!

by MichiganRelicHunter
354 8 07/30/2016 09:07PM
Last Post by Harold,ILL.

Latest digs including historic Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company button.

by Cal_cobra
111 11 07/30/2016 08:01PM
Last Post by Cal_cobra

Go pro camera users may find this useful

by tnsharpshooter
37 1 07/30/2016 08:00PM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

I've got a 23 month warranty left MX5 for sale..

by Keith Southern
60 1 07/30/2016 07:58PM
Last Post by Keith Southern

NOISE factor on this forum...

by ncwayne
322 18 07/30/2016 07:31PM
Last Post by goodmore

CTX, Deus, Racer 2 hunts

by tnsharpshooter
83 4 07/30/2016 05:53PM
Last Post by auminesweeper

Lightning safety

by tnsharpshooter
146 5 07/30/2016 05:51PM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

Getting the MX Sport off the street

by Kemper94
108 2 07/30/2016 04:52PM
Last Post by ozzie

MX Sport Audio Modulation, VCO, Iron Grunt, slight hum from backlight   (Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9)

by ncwayne
4,509 259 07/30/2016 12:23PM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

Public Perception Poll - White's Electronics & The MX Sport Update   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Steve Herschbach
2,605 72 07/30/2016 05:41AM
Last Post by jmaryt

Advice Needed - Saltwater/Beach Hunting Detector

by rustic charm
196 10 07/30/2016 02:58AM
Last Post by rustic charm

Female Headphone jack for the AT series

by deadlift
51 1 07/29/2016 09:51PM
Last Post by deadlift

Need Help with PI Detector Choice

by Slag
328 22 07/29/2016 08:40PM
Last Post by auminesweeper

For sale/trade

by James/Texas
490 4 07/29/2016 04:58PM
Last Post by James/Texas

Multi Machine (Basic Test Series 1 - Round 1) Videos.

by Ziggy
695 15 07/29/2016 11:42AM
Last Post by ghound

cool smiley Wanted used Cutlass, Sidewinder, SS or Silver umax. Building another waterproof Tesoro. Let me know what you have? Paypal please.

by khouse
96 3 07/28/2016 11:57PM
Last Post by khouse

MX sport

by jimpugh
193 2 07/28/2016 05:22PM
Last Post by D&P-OR

Design by Default,

by auminesweeper
288 18 07/28/2016 01:56AM
Last Post by auminesweeper

White's not selling MX Sport

by Kemper94
868 29 07/28/2016 12:21AM
Last Post by auminesweeper

Any ideas or help..

by Dan-Pa.
429 13 07/27/2016 03:11PM
Last Post by Dan-Pa.

Snake safety while detecting

by tnsharpshooter
426 22 07/27/2016 01:42PM
Last Post by adamBomb

body of Fenns treasurehunt found

by diggers
205 1 07/27/2016 01:24PM
Last Post by diggers

My other forum

by Kemper94
265 6 07/27/2016 01:19PM
Last Post by bado1

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