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Thomas Dankowski Open Forum

This is an Open Forum to discuss any metal detecting questions or subjects. Please feel free to discuss any subject, in good taste and with due respect to all users. Thomas Dankowski frequents this forum and is happy to share his knowledge and experience to answer questions along with many other metal detecting experts who frequent this forum.  
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Wanted: CTX 17" coil

by Aaron
150 5 12/21/2014 03:07PM
Last Post by MichiganRelicHunter

Coin collectors...howd you like to find this?

by deathray
61 4 12/21/2014 03:05PM
Last Post by MichiganRelicHunter

A school yard eagle button

by triplehooked
101 5 12/21/2014 03:02PM
Last Post by ShovelNose

Fast Audio Pulls Out the Squeakers At Hunted Sites

by ShovelNose
228 10 12/21/2014 02:56PM
Last Post by ShovelNose

Deus users and future wantabe Deus users

by tnsharpshooter
277 11 12/21/2014 02:35PM
Last Post by Daniel Tn

TargetExtractor MKII

by scoopjohnb
30 1 12/21/2014 01:39PM
Last Post by scoopjohnb

Teknetics G2 users .....whcih are your favorite headphones?? Please advise.

by Kevin B
96 8 12/21/2014 01:13PM
Last Post by scoopjohnb

Christmas online swap meet?

by Jack Flynn
188 7 12/21/2014 11:50AM
Last Post by mrb1268

Ran across these Videos Of Jamestown Archaeology Digs but this one blows me away..

by Keith Southern
322 11 12/21/2014 09:29AM
Last Post by ozzie

Confused on this F75 business   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by digloo
1,880 82 12/21/2014 01:58AM
Last Post by D&P-OR

Ratphones, WTB another pair...

by Jack Flynn
105 6 12/21/2014 01:16AM
Last Post by Jack Flynn

Official Christmas online swap meet, permission granted!

by Jack Flynn
120 5 12/21/2014 01:14AM
Last Post by Jack Flynn

Deeptechs 14" epic coil testing.

by Ziggy
165 3 12/21/2014 12:35AM
Last Post by Ziggy

Making the V3i machine a better unmasker

by tnsharpshooter
154 4 12/20/2014 07:22PM
Last Post by docbars

OT! Very strong argument for owning precious metals

by possum mo
209 4 12/20/2014 02:40PM
Last Post by possum mo

Would it be fair to say the White's MX5 is .......

by tnsharpshooter
408 10 12/20/2014 11:37AM
Last Post by basstrackerman


by Nokta Detectors
608 21 12/20/2014 03:40AM
Last Post by deathray

WTS...Like New DetectorPro Pistol Probe.

by BamaJoe
75 1 12/20/2014 03:23AM
Last Post by BamaJoe

Garrett pro pinpointer longevity...

by Dan-Pa.
538 28 12/19/2014 11:55PM
Last Post by Dan-Pa.

I've become very fond of the Fors Core gents...

by Jack Flynn
339 10 12/19/2014 05:25PM
Last Post by tmanly

what is the difference

by sonny(IN)
162 2 12/19/2014 03:33PM
Last Post by Keith Southern

TRX pinpointer used apx. 20 minutes

by sonny(IN)
261 5 12/19/2014 01:59PM
Last Post by sonny(IN)

Minelab hat

by sonny(IN)
267 8 12/19/2014 07:35AM
Last Post by steveg

New F75 coil arrived

by Daniel Tn
392 12 12/19/2014 04:01AM
Last Post by Daniel Tn

Heres the MX5 Video anomaly....

by Keith Southern
493 18 12/19/2014 02:27AM
Last Post by jmaryt

Getting a DNS error.....

by Mike Hillis
214 8 12/18/2014 08:59PM
Last Post by Cal_cobra

My fingers are crossed

by Pac man
304 10 12/18/2014 07:04PM
Last Post by Pac man

has any one emailed fisher?

by Nailed-it
280 10 12/18/2014 06:45PM
Last Post by tnsharpshooter

Got a question: please help. It's bugging the stuffin out of me.

by Kevin B
355 17 12/18/2014 03:13PM
Last Post by jmaryt

Mine may be bigger than yours - Coil, that is!

by lytle78
174 5 12/18/2014 01:17PM
Last Post by lytle78

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