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Are headphones cables involved with headphones sound/performance?

Posted by Rod-PA 
Are headphones cables involved with headphones sound/performance?
July 26, 2021 04:36PM
first, the context.

NASA-Tom, Way back when I bought my Teknetics G2 from you, you included a pair of Koss headphones. I have used them on almost every detector since then, and still love them. Currently, they have quite a bit of tape holding various wires isolated and bound together in multiple spots, tape and glue holding the wires as they come out of the cup, etc.

I have tried other headphones with some success, but none beat these, to my hearing. With the Eqx800 for the past year, i have used them with the wm08 module with no perceptible loss of sound quality performance.

I thought the other day I would try to switch to the included minelab wireless headphones and try to ship these Koss to be repaired....I used them for about half an hour, gave up and will never use them for dirt digging again. It was impossible to tell the strength of the iron tones when mixed with the soft higher tones, and i knew I was wasting my time. Went back to the Koss, re-scanned the area I had hunted. i am hoping for no catastrophic headphone failure.

Now, my questions.

1. when/if I replace the headphones cable, can the replacement wire properties possibly affect the sound quality or composition I hear compared to current cable if the new wire isnt exactly the same as the original?

2. would wire length change any properties? I wear the current wire down my back and dont need the extra length...a bit shorter would help keep it completely out of my way when swinging the detector.

Thanks for any feedback.

Re: Are headphones cables involved with headphones sound/performance?
July 27, 2021 01:18AM
Rod....... If you use exact (or even just simply/merely 'similar' wire for headphones........ there poses no problems. This includes shorter/longer lengths.
If you were talking coil wire............. that would be a completely different story!
Re: Are headphones cables involved with headphones sound/performance?
July 27, 2021 02:27PM
Thank you, Tom
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