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Dry sand operation

Posted by Miikey 
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Dry sand operation
February 13, 2024 06:28PM
Question for Tom. You mention not to operate a detector in the beach mode on dry sand, but to use a more sensitive mode. I wasn't aware of this.care to elaborate more? I run a Nox 600 and my friend a Manticore. Good info, thanks!!
Re: Dry sand operation
February 14, 2024 01:46AM

In the dry sand ...... use something like Field Mode-2 (and audio settings of your choice). This Mode is much more sensitive to low conductive gold..... to include: tiny gold jewelry....... and goes deeper on these low-conductive gold jewelry items...whilst in this Mode.

Wet-salt is a very highly conductive soil/condition.....that must be compensated for.....via using a Beach Mode. It's the only Mode that will work in a wet-salt environment.

That's it...... in a nutshell!!!
Re: Dry sand operation
February 14, 2024 02:27AM
40 plus yrs detecting and I just learned something new. I also like the 2d smearing affect from iron That you mention. I will be passing this along to my Manticore buddy.I don't think he is digging audio signals that are smeared in 2d. Great learning experiencing on this forum. Thank you and everyone providing feedback to you.