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Gold price

Posted by D&P-OR 
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Re: Gold price
November 29, 2022 10:32PM

Very, very interesting info. Thanks for sharing. I did not know that it was "legal" to melt U.S. silver coins...


Re: Gold price
November 29, 2022 10:51PM
I wish it was still 2004 I was buying under spot $100 dollar face mercury dimes $ 400 dollars lol.I am sitting on a ton of copper pennies Jm bullion Texas is paying $110 for $50 face doubled my money no risk can't ship may go down on a trip metal detecting and pick up some used solar panels while there shipping to get to me is $750 sube
Re: Gold price
November 30, 2022 04:57AM
Sube that 90% was selling (their choice of denomination) for $9 over spot at Apmex for a 1 day sale. It was $8 over spot at JM bullion. You're right about the current price. After the one day sale it was back up an additional $3 or so per oz. So around $11-12 per oz. over spot now.
Re: Gold price
November 30, 2022 02:12PM
JM bullion has 90 percent for $18.81 over spot or $40.18 per oz of 90 percent wow
$1.00 face 90 percent is $29.17 that's $7.17 over face value wow again.
Save those silvers this is at $22.oo spot price. sube

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Re: Gold price
November 30, 2022 03:29PM
Sube the juice is a lot higher buying $1.00 face value than $5.00 or more. Your basic point about the premium over spot is solid...it's ridiculously high and keeps going up!
Re: Gold price
November 30, 2022 05:37PM
Oops, my mistake. I said JM Bullion when I should have said SD Bullion, I get those two entities confused. SD Bullion is a good bit cheaper that JM Bullion, they are running a cyber week sale now where $10 face or more of their denomination choice 90% silver is $7.99 over face value and free shipping.