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Manticort availability

Posted by BamaJoe 
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Manticort availability
January 28, 2023 04:28PM
Tom, do you have an educated guess as to when I (we)could order a manticort without having to (preorder) stand in line?
Re: Manticort availability
January 28, 2023 11:38PM
I am not Tom but a US dealer posted this on FB today.
no communication to dealers or distributors at this time. I checked with my distributor who has 80 minelab dealers, he has no idea when his next shipment is coming.
Re: Manticort availability
January 28, 2023 11:43PM
Thanks for Info...Don't care to get in line...will wait and watch videos till available.
Re: Manticort availability
January 29, 2023 12:45AM
Joe.........Right now..... it is a 'unknown'. I wish I could help more.
Re: Manticort availability
January 29, 2023 12:56AM
I ordered mine with a local dealer near the end of December. I checked with him last week and he said "within a few weeks, I hope"
Re: Manticort availability
January 29, 2023 04:16PM
No worries Tom I know that delivery is not in your wheelhouse.

But I have to think with all the technical tips and information you have provided in this and other threads, when the Manticore hits, we will have shortened the learning curve considerably at least in theory.

So THANK YOU for that!
Re: Manticort availability
January 29, 2023 06:10PM
With the Manticore availability drying up since the initial release, I wonder if there are changes being made that will make the early adopters disappointed, or the new adopters disappointed. Hopefully, any changes will be positive, and available to all...
Re: Manticort availability
January 31, 2023 03:53PM
Glimmer of hope from dealers website:

Pre-order - Allocations to dealers are currently being processed.
A small amount of detectors was received at Minelab HQs.
Pre-orders will be processed as soon as we receive our allocation.
Cancel order at anytime for a full refund.

No date when this was written tho.
Re: Manticort availability
February 01, 2023 07:57PM

“Minelab is receiving an unprecedented number of inquiries revolving around the MANTICORE and do apologize for the delay.

Minelab North America is receiving a limited number of product allocations from the factory to be distributed among our US and Canada Customers. We are trying our best to fairly distribute these allocations to everyone that has product on order, as we want to ensure product is distributed to our entire US and Canada Market, as best and as quickly as possible. Our Team is working on air-freighting any product available as soon as it comes off the production line. We will continue to air freight all available production allocated to the U.S. Market and will ship out all products allocated to all of our U.S. Customers.

Kind regards;
Minelab Customer Care”
Re: Manticort availability
February 02, 2023 03:10PM
John at JMTMetaldetectors.com had one in stock the last time I checked.
Re: Manticort availability
February 02, 2023 11:41PM
To anyone on a waiting list for a Manticore I highly advise you to pay attention to Cabelas website becauase that’s where I got mine back in the beginning of January. I was never on a waiting list, just woke up early one morning and decided to check their website and they had them available in (limited quantities) and as soon as my order went through the website said sold out!! Two days later I had a new toy.

I’ve been a happy Manticore owner since Jan 5th abd can tell you all IT IS A BEAST !!

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Re: Manticort availability
February 03, 2023 12:45AM
Just hold off till spring ….. The Dealers will be over stock and giving price breaks….. many used ones will be all over the forums …….this video is showing there shipping


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Re: Manticort availability
February 04, 2023 12:10AM
I just ordered from Cabelas.
Re: Manticort availability
February 04, 2023 12:19AM
Canceled my order today and I was told 3 weeks ago I was third in line. Sounds like the Mcore has a lot in common with the CZ3D. Loves nails. Then there is the don't mention water headphones.
Re: Manticort availability
February 04, 2023 11:12AM
Thanks to FloridaSon and those who gave us a heads up on this shipment.I paid and got an order conformation # yesterday morning.When I checked on the order last night it had been cancelled.So, I missed this boat load.Looking for the next shipment.Maybe they will fix some of the issues.Been hearing something about water issues with headphones.
Re: Manticort availability
February 06, 2023 03:06AM
Just got mine today from [www.nuggetshooter.com]

He was just as fast as the large guys and offers free shipping. Go with a small dealer, the prices are the same and the service is better and more personal.
Re: Manticort availability
February 06, 2023 04:24AM
I gave up on my small town dealer as he has not returned my text about availability. I been on his list for 3 months. Hello Cabelas!
Re: Manticort availability
February 06, 2023 11:27AM
Scheduled to be here Wednesday.
Re: Manticort availability
February 17, 2023 09:28PM
Any tips for this week?
Re: Manticort availability
February 18, 2023 12:30AM
Cabelas appears to be loaded with them ?
Re: Manticort availability
February 18, 2023 01:15PM
Rob in (ca) Wrote:
> Cabelas appears to be loaded with them ?

Really? Not showing up on their web site.
Re: Manticort availability
February 18, 2023 11:47PM
I checked as well but didn't see anything either...
Re: Manticort availability
February 19, 2023 12:26AM
Cabelas is getting more in than any other dealers. You just have to watch their site and search for Manticore every morning. You'll catch one sooner rather than later. That's where mine came from.
Re: Manticort availability
February 19, 2023 02:44AM
They took if off the site ……last week they had them ……see what happens next week
Re: Manticort availability
February 19, 2023 03:20AM
I have to say, I'm a little upset by the way Minelab handled the Manticore launch.
Cabela's was NOT what allowed them to rise to the success they've had. It's always been the hobbyist that went to our local dealers.

This alone puts a bad taste in my mouth. For this reason, I'm spending my $1600 on a Deus 2.
Re: Manticort availability
February 19, 2023 03:45AM
Well if they don't update this one like they said they would on the CTX 3030 and the 1 and only update they put out a language update. I'm switching brands after 30 years. I hope your reading this Minelab or Codan who ever owns them now!!!!

Re: Manticort availability
February 19, 2023 04:05PM
It's frustrating, yes.

To me, this is what happens when profit becomes TOO important to a company, and to me, it's pretty much the path followed by SO many companies as they grow. The company starts, and the owner cares about the customer, the product, etc., and forges lots of solid and honest relationships with dealers, distributors, customers, etc. Then, as company grows, eventually investors get involved, and then quite often, this is when things begin to change.

The investors in many cases do not sufficiently appreciate the importance of the product, or the relationships with the customers, the dealers/distributors, etc. Instead, they care about and are hyper-focused on ONE thing -- return on investment. Money. And when "return on investment" becomes THE factor that all other considerations are forced to become subservient to, the "singular focus" of the board of directors and CFO/CEO, and the "final arbiter" in terms of important company decisions (as opposed to other -- and I would argue more important -- things, like relationships with customers and those selling your products) then you end up with something like what we see here.

These situations can so often be traced back to a short-sighted focus on making money, and ONLY making money, which requires minimizing "expenses" to maximize profits. And of course, minimizing expenses is SMART and NECESSARY when running a business...but only to a degree. Ethics needs to play a role, but ethics seem to carry little if any weight at the corporate level in today's world. And so, "minimizing expenses" usually ends up meaning reductions in product quality, elimination of critical employees/departments, asking more from the remaining employees than what they are capable of providing over the long-term, etc. Of course, doing so certainly allows a CEO or CFO or whatever, in the short term, to maximize profits for a little while. It looks GREAT in the board room, on all your financial charts and graphs from the last quarter, or year, or whatever. But, as a result of a hyper-focus on the bottom line, you are sowing the seeds of your potential destruction in the process. My suspicion is that these issues are at play in this case, but likely lie at the Codan level, not so much the Minelab level. The things that I observe going on have "investors looking for return on investment above all else" written all over them.

At least at Codan, they've been smart enough thus far to keep the scientist/engineer/technical staff at Minelab apparently well-funded and intact. But with other decisions that that corporation seems to be making, it doesn't look good, from my vantage point...

I've heard statements like the one PulltabKing posted above, from a great many folks on the forums recently. If that's at all a sampling of the sentiment that is rising amongst some (and I believe it is), it would behoove Codan to sit up and take notice...especially when companies like XP and Nokta have proven to be able to put out very capable machines. When folks have options, they won't stand being continually mistreated. They'll eventually move on. And when you talk candidly with dealers, you find out that there is definitely "mistreatment" occurring, with respect to the way Codan (or Minelab) is handling those relationships.

And, just to clarify...I LOVE Minelab's products...
Re: Manticort availability
February 27, 2023 04:42AM
I’m still waiting on my Manticore. Order it in Dec. still no eta. Is anyone else getting there’s?
Re: Manticort availability
March 01, 2023 02:29AM
Mike K Wrote:
> Well if they don't update this one like they said
> they would on the CTX 3030 and the 1 and only upda
> te they put out a language update. I'm switching b
> rands after 30 years. I hope your reading this Min
> elab or Codan who ever owns them now!!!!
> Mike

Not quite....
Since the CTX-3030 came out 10+ years ago, there have been at least 4 updates...one quite substantial.

Yes, the last one was to add Chinese, and the one before was just an update to handle a different micro-controller.

The earliest one was to try to eliminate a persistent 'coil not found' error, but the following one (CTX_3030_UPDATE_2012_10_26) did indeed add/improve features:

* Seawater Mode Setting
* Pinpoint Lock Option
* Updates to: Low battery alerts synchronized with audio and WM10 low battery alert added, Target Trails operation, and several others.

It was the only CTX update that got it's own 'brochure'... [www.minelab.com]
(which lists all the changes if you're interested)

Now, this really doesn't change any of the core logic of your argument, which if I understand you correctly, is that ML promised a "Future-Proof" detector....and here we are ten years later (literally 'The Future'), and they haven't changed anything of substance since 2012-10-26.
Which IS true. And I agree with you.

(But saying they only ever updated it once with a language update isn't accurate.)
Re: Manticort availability
March 01, 2023 01:59PM
I stand corrected. I know I had sold mine long time just before the new equinox hit. truthfully I only remember the 1 update not saying there wasn't others. As It was heavy and in my opinion the nox was just a better machine and even today they are still selling. I'm guessing they still have the original chip set from when they first came out. I'm not sure when the the 3030 came out but if you figure 10years + probably 2yrs R&D that chip set is at least 12 years old. Well I hope they support this machine the manticore that is.