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Research and permission

Posted by TNdirtdigger 
Research and permission
November 13, 2009 12:25PM
This question is for everyone.

I've been looking on line for older homes (50+ yrs.) that are for sale and vacant, then calling the realtor and asking for permission to hunt on the property. I seem to have a pretty good success rate on getting on the property. But I was wondering what other methods were being employed for gaining access to these older home/business sites. Thanks!!!
Re: Research and permission
November 13, 2009 04:13PM
Tried that several times and was confronted by neighbors..Written permission tough to get from Realtor..One ingenius fellow was also a camera bug and would ask permission to take pictures of their beautiful old home and once he took pictures and presented to owners was always an opening for his econd hobby(metal detecting)...Rule of thumb appear at doorstep in evening when husband is home from work with clean clothes and neat appearance and ask for permission.
Don't have a large digging tool, don't mention treasure and if given permission be neat.Do offer to return jewelry whether expensive or sentimental. Pros and cons but one fellow asking permission is a plus to gain entry...
Re: Research and permission
November 14, 2009 03:31AM
Since you're having "pretty good success" getting realtors to let you search the properties they're selling then you're doing great!

I would think you'd have all the older homes you could ever want to detect.

Maybe you need to share your methods...
Re: Research and permission
November 14, 2009 01:32PM
Ask if the homeowner has a child or grandchild that would like to help. That is a big positive!
Re: Research and permission
November 23, 2009 12:51PM
Sorry for the delay in getting back to this subject.

My method has been to look on line and find homes that are vacant, and older than 50 years old. That's been my cut off. I then call the agent listed and tell them that I metal detect as a hobby would like to know if it would be possible to gain permission to detect on that property. I tell them that I follow a strict rules of ethics, such as, no holes are left, all trash will be taken from the property, etc. I also tell them that I will contact them after I've hunted the property to let them know what I've found. Some will grant permission, right then and there but some, will contact the owners on my behalf and call me back. I would say that I'm running at 60 to 65% success rate on gaining permission. Don't get me wrong, I think that this is a excellent way of gaining permission. But it doesn't include property that's not for sale and that the owners still reside at the home. Nor does it include property that is just sitting there, in the family, not going to be sold and not being used for anything.

Does anyone use Courthouse Retrival System to look for older homes? Or do you employ older maps?
Re: Research and permission
November 24, 2009 12:04AM
Try to NEVER use the following words:

PERMISSION = As this 'legally' binds the owner with this legal term.
HUNT = Sometimes associated with guns & animals.
PROPERTY = Another 'legal' term.
SILVER/GOLD/RELICS = As this lets the owner know what HE could possibly find on his property.

May I have "PERMISSION" to "HUNT" your "PROPERTY" looking for "GOLD/OLD SILVER COINS/RELICS". NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Try this: Can I play in the grass, like a little boy playing in the dirt, with this detector looking for old pop-tops & pennies? This sounds immoral/deceiving: yet, WITH THE PROPER TONE-OF-VOICE AND GENUINE SMILE... it really works. Yes, it's too bad that we must approach the world in this fashion......BUT...... welcome to the new world!
Re: Research and permission
November 24, 2009 05:50AM
hi tom!
emphasize "proper tone of voice!"..difficult!,WITHOUT sounding like a "mindless"
person,however it is possible!..as you mentioned,and i concur,consider the alternative!


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Re: Research and permission
November 24, 2009 02:23PM

I see where you're going with this and after some reflection, I would have to agree with you. I hadn't thought that asking permission was a negative. But using the words "hunt", "relics", "silver", etc. would put a bug into someone's ear. Hhhmmmm....I will modify my approach to eliminate these negatives and see if my percentages increase.

How do you go about locating potential sites to play in the grass?
Re: Research and permission
November 25, 2009 01:43AM
You guys are going to think I'm terrible for saying this.....BUT......I usually look for elderly folks that live in very old homes. VERY VERY politefully.....I tell them I am NOT a salesperson...and I ask if I can 'play in the dirt & grass with a detector' (((never bring a shovel to the door))).......and I may ask if they know of any 'old-timers' in the area that like to talk & teach history. This usually sparks a smile & interest......and leads to interesting/educational conversation. BEFORE I start detecting, I pick up trash/sticks on the lawn. And it's not uncommon for me to bring a sparkling-stone equipped costume earring.....and "return" it to them. This sounds terrible......... but I have made MANY friends with this approach!
Re: Research and permission
November 25, 2009 02:34AM
You got to do what you got to do I always bring wheats and say would you like these!




If you don’t dig it, then how are you going to know what you’re missing!
How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!
Re: Research and permission
November 25, 2009 01:08PM
Interesting techniques! Now I know what to do with those old costume rings and wheats I've been finding!!!
Re: Research and permission
November 25, 2009 10:31PM
Attitude & approach are paramount!
Re: Research and permission
November 30, 2009 06:35PM

I tried out what we've been talking about here. I found a house (on the internet) built in 1910 that was being sold. I called the realtor and talked with for about 10 minutes. I told him that I metal detect as a hobby and wondered if it would be alright for me to go and play and have some fun around the old house with my detector. He asked what kinds of things I was looking for. I mentioned any thing that was old, like pocket knives, etc. I also mentioned to him that I would really like it if I could find a wheat penny or something. I think he thought that was pretty neat. He said "sure no problem". Yay!!! And while we we're talking, He asked if I could help him locate a property stake for him at another old house, which he'll check with the owners for me. Success!!!!!!
Re: Research and permission
November 30, 2009 08:08PM
Score! I question if I would have told him that I was looking for 'old' items. Yet, it still sounds like he was at ease.
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