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will the G2 be the heater for me ?? - Part II

Posted by gravediggermax 
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will the G2 be the heater for me ?? - Part II
November 10, 2010 11:57PM
we had and are having lots of northerly wind as i type this post. when i got up this morning i had planned on returning the jr Gman and go on with my life, but i said, what the heck, lots of wind, lets give it one more go.
i got some encouragement from my buddy nuke- em in england, he did really good on one of his beaches the other day.
so off i go this afternoon for low tide spin............o m g, like low boY said, she hits good on all size targets...........u just have to have targets to find and today she was on the meat. Hunted almost entirely in discriminate………..sent……100………..discriminate…………..31…..35….40…….47 – saw no difference in targets. When the targets are there, she hits on them strong so there is hardly any doubt on good targets
clad, toe ring even and some sort of thick, thin, large, and small pieces of brass.........looking for info. if u have any. my buddy tony said they are pieces of shell fragments from the firing range 5 miles north.
anyway the G2 got a great rating today and my plans to return are offff.
more to follow


I see ya gave up on Her
November 12, 2010 01:07AM
Its tough to beat those minelabs !
possum mo
November 12, 2010 03:11AM
with me it is 85% go and 15% stay.

i carried it to the bay today with the 5" coil ........a spot loaded with iron.........wind still blowing hard.

all concrete pieces showing and fair amount of clad hiding in and around this stuff...........that little heater really shinned today.....quite and i.d. is unbelievalbe.

i may actually end up keeping it for special areas and condtions like today and tomorrow.

all reports i get and read are 100% positive.

but u are right, for the beach, the minelabs are hard to beat for sure.........especially salt water beaches and water zones.

more to follow.
Re: will the G2 be the heater for me ?? - Part II
November 12, 2010 03:34AM
100% shell fragments