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TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.

Posted by ivanll 
TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
July 29, 2020 04:53AM
Spend a good deal of time changing/trying settings on the this beach hunt, first thing to do is to get rid of past VLF detector use thinking.

Once the GB, Frequency and Sensitivity have been selected/adjusted, then it's just a matter of finding the mode that is most relevant.

Turned out to be a very interesting/pleasant detector to use, even on wet ocean sand and shallow water.

The ease of attaching a photo have been removed, so that will have to wait.
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
July 29, 2020 08:23AM
Try postimage.org for your photos here. Choose image..... then just cut and paste the HOTLINK FOR FORUMS. Its hard to be simplicity....... AM for near or in the water allows you to run the machine much like and Xcal in PP mode. The two lower freqs run best in the water with 9khz to be being preferred. 6.5 khz works but i believe you gain from 9khz. I run 12khz in the wet and 18khz in the dry. Here i rarely have to run black sand on. Then its a matter of how jumpy of a screen do you want ..... i run full sensitivity and threshold in our fairly mild sand. Start out with 27 SB and balance from there. Now all i do is adjust it up or down based on the amount of mineral noise i get from the hard pan/fluffy sand. Once the coil is under water a lot of EMI is gone if you have it. I did a crude digital reading for about 147 pieces of gold over on the MDT forum. Its really a fun beach machine.
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
July 29, 2020 02:36PM
Ivan...…..yes...….. I REALLY wish we had better video uploading abilities on this forum.
I would love to see how the Tarsacci does/performs in OZ!
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
August 01, 2020 11:25PM
Got a somewhat corroded 1939 walking liberty Half Dollar with the TARSACCI on last beach outing, not a common coin in Oz, however this beach was used by US forces during WW II.
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
August 02, 2020 03:14AM
Ivan...… I bet THAT came as a surprise!
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
August 08, 2020 02:44AM
.. Gold, Nickle and Dime .... From a WW-II beach used by US troops ... Ring is a William Penn High School ring, dated 1935.
Nickle = 1943
Mercury Dime date ? Liberty got wings on head.
Re: TARSACCI beach outing in Oz.
August 08, 2020 09:27AM
Ivanll, good chance the person who lost the W. Penn ring was from Pennsylvania. Kind of eerie but great. . .your finds from US troops.
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