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TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance

Posted by Aaron 
TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 01, 2020 10:25PM
How to maintain your o-rings, prevent water leaks and what to do if you get water in your TARSACCI..... [forums.tarsaccisales.com]



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Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 01, 2020 11:26PM
Everyone may have their way of handling this especially for the salt water. I’ve gotten a little salt water in mine. Those O rings what I’ve learned over the years is they have a natural stickiness to them. So I use warm water to clean them and put nothing on them. They seem to stay in place better than with silicone on them. Before every hunt I have a small painter/parts brush to clean the threads and sand off. Yes there is sand on them EVERY time. We get a lot more sand being in the water of the Gulf or Ocean. Those threads HAVE to be checked. I used an air compressor to blow the bit of water out of mine... not everyone has one so Aaron’s method is excellent. I spray corrosive X in mine then turn it upside down over night. I try not to use sand paper on the metal because some have a coating that once removed it encourages rust. Sometimes rubbing compound works and is less abrasive. I like that it’s a closed battery area like this. Great video for water hunters this was some good info and video.
Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 01:23AM
Put this info in MDT-8000 thread here.

NASA Tom thinks and I agree keep info in same thread for continuity.
Folks after some time lapses having multiple smaller thread with good information may be hard for folks to find.
I consider your info actually critical since it could keep unit from functioning.

This info needs to be put in user's manual.
When I got my first unit, I had no way of knowing looking at manual how many o rings (and their locations) that were supposed to be installed.
I was asked too.

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Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 12:09PM
Although I don't get out as much as Dew does, I think I can add a bit of information that may be valuable to the other users. THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS and not meant as a guide yet I felt may be helpful in the future if nothing else but to put others minds in gear when dealing with o-rings and the battery cap.

First off, when I got my machine (Feb 2019) I found my red o-ring up at the top of the threads just under the battery connection. I believe it was me that questioned Dew about the sealing ability of that o-ring and he told me (after many months of use) that it was supposed to be down at the bottom as shown in the video. Knowing that information, one can conclude that as much as I did use the machine (in the water with incorrect o-ring placement) that the "water proofness" of the black o-ring against the flat surface of the battery compartment is very good. (Tom/Dimitar take notice)
Right after that conversation with Dew, I placed the red o-ring to the proper position and immediately asked about the fact you can now see red at the gap between the bottom of the cap and battery housing. In essence the black o-ring is now NOT making contact with the battery housing flat surface. To me this means, the red o-ring is the major sealing o-ring and seals against the inside surface of the cap and possibly against the inside of the black o-ring. In this arrangement, the black o-ring does not provide much if any of the sealing. O-rings work by compression so the black not being compressed now is why I make that comment. That small groove the black o-ring sits in is not enough to keep it in place if the red o-ring was pressing against it (again my opinion.

Now, I have had ZERO leakage in the battery compartment running either way....I now run it as shown in the video.

How long will the o-rings last? My input on that un-asked question is it depends on how often you hunt and remove/install the o-rings. I can say that I used the original o-rings for over one year. The red o-ring eventually broke and was replaced, the black o-ring is still original and is still being used. I've had the machine for 18 months.

Dew's process of cleaning and inspecting the o-ring is a good one. I however do add a very thin coat of o-ring lubricant (Dow 111 I believe).While cleaning, you can slightly stretch the o-ring and feel for imperfections or sand. If it breaks there was an unseen imperfection and would have broken soon anyway. Small cost over it breaking while being used. For the average user, this will need done every battery change.....3-4 hunts unless you are hunting like Dew does.... smiling smiley

The threads do need attention to ensure no sand inadvertently get in the threads. It is introduced when removing the cap and is sand you may not have noticed on the cap.....it is not getting on the threads while in use, if that was the case, water would be getting in the battery!

Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 12:22PM
I'm a big fan of using silicone grease on O-rings but I can't stand getting it on my fingers. It's weird to see you not wearing gloves in the video.

I have a 20 year old CZ20. From day one I have been using silicone grease on the rubber seal and it's still good as new.

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Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 01:59PM
Cliff: NOTED!!! (And.... NOT taken lightly)!

This brings me to the question: Dew = Before you got the Tarsacci...... you had the EQX. How much time did your EQX stay 'dunked'? Any flooding issues?
Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 02:51PM
Tom, not sure about Dew but somewhere in year 2, I experienced water behind the screen on my equinox.

Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 05:15PM
Tom ... first month not much they never had headphones. Then Tony said he’d make me some. After that I kept wet out to neck deep a good bit of the time for hours. I was using it hard especially after a couple had a leak. Mine hasn’t flooded knock on wood. Broke the cuff pretty fast and Pete Anderson gave me one of his new shafts to test. Then broke 2 coil ears. Like Cliff not used it a lot. All in all I tested mine pretty hard using it even on rougher days than I should have. Can’t say I babied it.
Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 05:19PM
Dew....when your out there that deep, what kind extra weight you carrying?

TARSACCI - “Digging deeper, BEHIND the competition!”

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Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 08:43PM
Aaron... I wear no weights even with a 7mm wet suit in the winter. It takes some time to learn how to dig when you are out neck deep but comes pretty natural after awhile. Now when there it’s really kicking out there you just work where the water lets you.

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Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 10:17PM
Dew, I imagine it’s quite challenging to say the least to apply enough pressure to that scoop to bite into that sand while fighting buoyancy!

TARSACCI - “Digging deeper, BEHIND the competition!”
Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 02, 2020 11:47PM
You learn to stand on the scoop balance and kind of bounce lol. Cliff knows. The real challenge is shells or hard pan. A round nosed scoop ... now there’s work. They roll on you.
Re: TARSACCI O-Ring Maintenance
August 03, 2020 08:48AM
The Nox obviously is a good buy both price and warranty for what it does. Its also known to have that water issue, cuff problems, shaft wiggle, and coil ears breaking i dont think anyone will dispute this. That said .... the WARRANTY and the tremendous improvement in ML CS to repair the issues still have people buying them and comparing price tags. From the guys i know ..... more are being cautious about taking them in the water and some use their Xcal again as their water machine. Thou IMO... the Xcal requires just as many repairs long term with its short 1 year warranty meaning its out of your pocket.... not to mention to get the best out of it you do mods. I have all 3 machines and as a water guy lucky enough to be in Fl .......im not sure what dirt guys would do if they needed this many repairs or which machine.
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