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Beach/Sand shovels...

Posted by connortn 
Beach/Sand shovels...
October 28, 2012 04:59AM
While detecting at Myrtle Beach NC recently, I felt the need for a non metal shovel for the wet/dry sand. Something that I could dig into the sand with, pull the sand out and run my detector over the shovel with the sand in it to see if I had recovered the target. I had watched a youtube video of a young fellow using a large plastic shovel in this manner but decided his shovel was too large for what I had in mind. Searching on the 'net, I found a couple that might fit the bill for this. Most snow shovels were very large for moving large amounts of lightweight snow except for one smaller one which seems to be on the list for discontinued items. It's an Ortovox cougar shovel. You would have to replace the aluminum shaft handle with wood or fiber, but it seems to be a good size for what you would use on the beach. Here's a shot of it:


Another choice was the Tuffy Jr. Scoop. There seems to be a few models of this one and I figure the one with the most angle on the handle would be better than a straight shaft handle. It's entirely non metal as far as I can tell. The larger models have longer shafts also, 42" vs. 46". Here it is:


When using my wood handled metal shovel at the beach, I had to be concious of where it was in relation to my detector. I usually pulled out a shovel full of sand far enough away from the target area to keep my metal shovel from interferring with my detector, and then detect the hole. I usually found myself dumping the sand first and moving the shovel behind me for this purpose. If the target was still in the hole, I had to repeat the process until the target was out. I think if I had been using a stout synthetic shovel, it would have made retrieving the target quicker and easier, since I wouldn't have to be swinging my shovel around behind me all the time. I would have the choice of running my detector over the shovel or the hole to find the target with a non metal shovel.

Do any of you use such a shovel for detecting on the beach? Wouldn't work for dirt digging, but looks like it would be the cat's meow for the beach.

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Re: Beach/Sand shovels...
October 28, 2012 12:17PM
For dry and wet sand, I use a short handeled wire scoop (approx 18" long) that you can pull the sand towards you. When the target is out of the hole (knowing by swinging coil over or pile) I just sift. Very quick procedure. The shovel, to me, looks too cumbersome and looks like you would have to put down the detector to use it.
Re: Beach/Sand shovels...
October 28, 2012 01:21PM
Sand is heavy and most non mettalic shovels of any kind would not likely last long..Been there done that..

If you hunt just the sand and not actually in the water ace or other hardware stores a floral shovel with a long handle works quite well...The idea is to plunge the shovel in the sand kick it forward and then either see the target or go over the pile to find it. Long handle provides fulcrum and wear stout boots or the like for kicking it forward, sneakers or bare feet won't cut it. Won't work in water itself but does away with a lot of bending and bringing up to sift which you have to do with many beach shovels.

Drill a hole in the upper end of the pole and put a rope in it and just drag it behind you to see where you have been to avoid going over the same area twice. Drill some small hole in the shovel itself as that helps when kicking forward and of course each dig sharpens the tip which further helps.

If you wondering what a floral shovel is its a small spade type and remember a long handle is essential for fulcrum. Don't travel or beach hunt anymore but hunted N.J. beaches for years and learned along the way from local veteran hunters...Just ask the hardware clerk if unsure what your looking for and buy one with a stout heavy handle as K-mart, Walmart etc. carry ones with poor handles and they will crack so spend the extra bucks and one should last for years...
Re: Beach/Sand shovels...
October 28, 2012 09:27PM
The floral shovel is a good one to use. I tried Ace hardware while I was in Myrtle Beach but they were out of them so I had to do with a regular long handle shovel. I had a very good long handle scoop but found it a bit wearisome on the hands trying to shake the wet sand thru it. Wet sand sticks togather and you have to shake the scoop with a quick and somewhat forceful shake to get it to go thru the screen. I also found the long handle shovel good for leverage, but it was still cumbersome. I've saw people using a scoop or shovel and kick the sand out of it but that didn't work so well for me either, and I'm certainly not unfamilar with using shovels :-)

I think I'll try the Tuffy Jr. just to see if it works for me better. I can always use another shovel anyway! They say the synthetic shovels are good for sand bagging also as it won't hang up in the bag like a metal shovel.

I think the first link I posted was an avalance shovel. Most people in snow country don't really think much of non metal shovels for rescue work, but they have other applications.
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