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Posted by markg 
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November 13, 2010 01:15PM
Anyone use the Safari?
Re: Safari
November 13, 2010 06:48PM
I used 2 years ago
Re: Safari
November 15, 2010 10:49PM
Could one of you elaborate a little!!!
Yes , I use a safari
November 16, 2010 04:06AM
And like it! I had an omega before ., and sold it. In my Missouri soil, I get better depth, better target ID, ( I can actually ID nickels) . If the trash is not too heavy, I like to run in all metal ., and still get target ID. The processor is very fast in this mode. It does not balance as well though, and its a bit heavier. The stock pro coil seperates very well, reminds me of the 11 " tek bi axial coil.
Re: Safari
January 05, 2011 12:31PM
Tom, have you done any testing with the Safari?
Re: Safari
January 05, 2011 05:29PM
Their two higher end units are so good, I don't know how they sell any Safari's. If you're looking to buy one, I'd suggest saving an extra couple of months and getting an Explorer.
Re: Safari
January 05, 2011 11:22PM
I have performed insufficient testing of the Safari......so I can not make any valid statements.