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Posted by NASA-Tom 
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March 29, 2020 03:21AM
Hope to see a new video from you while your out there Daniel...

Rain all this weekend, Monday supposed to clear up, hopefully I’ll get some TARSACCI time in....
March 29, 2020 07:31AM
Thanks for sharing the videos Keith, And super cool Aaron for your generosity, very kind of you.

Here in central California, soil can be tough for numerous reasons. Chemicals, mineralization or older sites laced with iron. What I’ve found, the MDT can do extremely well under these conditions. Recovery speed, Wow is an under statement. Depth, closest detector to a GPX on depth in my soil. Some farm land, will have patches of chemicals spread out from decades of disking and top end models like an Equinox or other fast recovery detectors will suffer under these conditions. Tarsacci, sails through conditions like these, the only unit I have that will outperform the MDT on depth is a GPX and it isn’t that much of a difference.

Tomorrow, if weather permits. Local buddy and I will be hitting old dirt with our MDT units, he purchased one few months ago after seeing impressive results from my Tarsacci.

I’ve got 6 or 7 bricks from an 1853 hotel, will test them out tomorrow. These bricks were burned from the same property, about twice the size as yours Keith. Appreciate you sharing this formative information from your hot soil, encourages us to continue pressing forward.

And thanks again Aaron for your generosity,

March 29, 2020 02:32PM
That’s saying ALOT when you can say a machine is on par w the GPX! I think Daniel had claimed the same thing with his.
Let us know how your brick tests go Paul, get us some video! I’ve got some hot rocks, (the REAL deal) from the U.K. Dimatar loaned. I’ll make a video soon.
Much appreciated Paul, thanks!
March 29, 2020 04:18PM
Aaron Wrote:
> That’s saying ALOT when you can say a machine is o
> n par w the GPX! I think Daniel had claimed the sa
> me thing with his.
> Let us know how your brick tests go Paul, get us s
> ome video! I’ve got some hot rocks, (the REAL deal
> ) from the U.K. Dimatar loaned. I’ll make a video
> soon.
> Much appreciated Paul, thanks!

Hello Aaron,

That’s nice of Dimatar loaning you some hot rocks to test, yes looking forward to viewing the video.

I’m not familiar with posting videos, my buddy is good with that kind of stuff. So the best I can do is post pictures and share with words, video stuff I’m lost. Keith was using discrimination mode, I’m more familiar with Mix mode just can’t get myself to stay with disc mod. Audio is different, Mix mode gives me little more information in my type of soil. I’ll try discrimination mode again today, maybe I’m missing something and disc mode has its advantages for certain conditions.

Back in 1853, a hotel was build with bricks from the same soil it stood on. Was our first brick structure between Stockton and Los Angels, probably a span of 300 hundred miles in between. Was later converted to a homestead and around 1908 burned to the ground, area is now farm land. Have permission to detect here, that’s how i obtained these bricks. About twice the size of a normal brick, and they are mineralized based from a previous test years ago. Will test the Tarsacci and couple of other top end today, probably toss in a Blisstool V6 and an Equinox. Will drag the GPX along for the test as well, GPX definitely is deeper but not much in my soil. It’s in areas laced with iron the MDT will peek between iron masking were the GPX starts to struggle and looses depth due to iron masking. Overall, Tarsacci just flat out outweighs the other models and is ideal for my type of hunting.

Will share today’s results here, hopefully weather allows an outing for today. So far it’s looking good, rain is good for soil especially fresh plowed. Helps level out the fresh rough terrain from a plow, we need that in this particular area it was recently plowed.

Keep up the good work Aaron,
March 29, 2020 06:49PM
Hi Paul!!

Good to hear from you!

The Tarsacci in the Video is in Disc mode instead of Mixed mode.MAINLY for videoing.The Mixed is as you know modulated more and harder to hear on camera..The Disc mode is is more saturated and louder for the camera to pick up.

I myself like the mixed mode even in moderate iron.Only dropping to Disc mode in heavy machine gun iron.In the field its mixed mode all day long.

the mixed mode gives alot of info..

One thing I do on Mixed mode is run disc up to zero to shut off the iron tone..I dont need the iron tone in mixed mode as the threshold tone lets me know the iron..I've found the Iron tone actually can clip some of the high tone intelligence in mixed mode.so basically I have a light weight nautilus feel with disc on 0.Plus Mixed mode allows me to monitor ground blow back and re ground balance more often.

I have also found that if the ground is VERY hot to bump the Ground balance about 10 points higher than the grab.I mean very hot Ground..850-950 6 Fe bar dirt.I have tested the N.Z coil for hot ground and found it can handle the super hot 850 plus dirt with ease at a cost of depth.BUT if you take the Stock regular coil and bump up Ground Balance about ten points it handles it as well as NZ coil and you have better depth.Dimitar says the NZ coil is for dirt really worse than mine.And I believe him as i can get the regular coil to run in my worst dirt.I also used a good dirt coil but to be honest it cant run in my milder site soil.In one sandy site about 550 dirt 2 bars its pretty stable but i found the stock coil to handle that and offer about same depth as good dirt coil.So to offer some assurance the Stock coil that comes on the Tarsacci is able to handle some pretty bad soil.

The Tarsacci has a more CZ style audio even a ID Edge style in Disc mode.more compressed less nuanced.The Mixed offers some nuance.

That's the hardest thing I had to over come with the Tarsacci.The audio is not talkative in disc mode at first.I get alot of high tone chirps from iron.Other machines give the same chirps on same targets from cross checking but i can instantly ignore them as falses..On the Tarsacci I had to learn to ignore them.After awhile you get the feel from a forced high tone chirp to a legitimate high tone that may be chirping but its rounder.Shallow to mid depth is a no brainer but its the really deep stuff that can almost sound like a false from its just being a chirp faint sound at depth on a legitimate target.the Tarsacci audio in disc is full blast to depth then that last little bit can chirp at extreme depth and sound like a nail false chirp.

The best thing about the Tarsacci is the as the mineral gets worse the target seems to get stronger.I think maybe you can see that in the video of the hot rock.The dime under the hot rock sounds better than it does alone.Same in the field.I can dig some deep small targets that band then out of the hole they want to sound scratchy.but they are good targets at crazy depths.

Dont underestimate the Tarsacci in iron either it can lock onto a target in nails.I've done it actually crazy to see happen.

Ive also found like Tom told me first week I used it..ITS not a VLF..You cant run it set up like you think you can a VLF.You dotn have to push it hard to get depth .Even 6 sens is deep it still hits my 10 inch dime. and I usually run negative 2 threshold and bounce from 6 7 or at times 8 sens if soil is milder.

Another reason the Tarsacci is chirpy on nails not bigger iron but nails Dimitar told me is he designed it to BLEED those faint reports to not miss deep low conductors.But after awhile they can be easily told and the Mixed mode makes it easier too.Ive found the Deep small tiny nail pieces that can chirp in mixed mode wont have the approach or departure threshold womp womp.its just a tiny chirp alone.a deep legitimate target will have some womp womp threshold approach and departure even on say buckshot.

I've alway's been impressed with Dimitars ability to build a machine. The ID Edge made me take notice of his skills.The Tarsacci is in way's like a EDGE but way more powerful with advanced transmission methods.

I may add Dimitars a builder and a user and knows what hes after.He has that passion a builder who detects posses.Those are the guys to watch.Ive alway's said a technology that changes the game will come from a maverick builder not a mainstream company.

Yes your right Paul especially in my soil its like having pulse soil punch but disc ability.

Good to hear from you hope to see some reports out your way!


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
March 29, 2020 08:21PM
Keith, great to have your knowledge back. If anyone's testing, word and expertise would make me cross the line to buy or not buy, it would be you and your honesty that comes with you. Kudos to Aaron for getting that 8000 to you.

Question - How does the Tarsacci handle EMI. Lets say - Handles good = CZ3d = #1 . . . to . . . .not good = F-75 non DST = #10.

Between the two where does this machine fall?
March 29, 2020 09:29PM
Hi Ozzie..Just learning as I go.I do like a challenge.And Dimitar and I dont mean it in a Bad way I admire him for what he does.He builds a machine in a unorthodox manner and he admits it!Says he wants them different.You can tell hes not a follower.

As far as the EMI.Its very resilient so far!I mainly stay on 12kHz as it offers sens to low and high conductors.But even down on 6Khz its stable around EMI prone areas.

I should say in that video I was 12KHZ next to my neighbors Air conditioning unit when I was doing brick test that was running and it was stable.The 10 Inch dime was also in 12Khz as was the Nickle.And I can add the nickle will bang harder than in the video if I go up to 18Khz.!

I also want to add the Brick test while impressive Its main thing I wanted to share was its ability to punch.Not necessarily make people think I'm going to dig targets under bricks or rocks which you can if they are there in that scenario but Its to show how well its sees through mineral.Say a 7 inch 1 dollar gold coin 3 bar dirt or half dime on edge at 7 inches in 3 bar dirt.A vlf can shut down on those type targets in even that type mid mineral soil but the Tarsacci in that type soil will give you more of a chance.Or even a GREAT chance!As mineral goes up the tarsacci really comes into its own and even hits harder and harder!!AMAZING!!!


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
March 29, 2020 09:50PM
Thanks Keith . . . looking forward to your next video on the 8000....don't rush though, take your time, have fun.
March 31, 2020 03:23AM
It would be interesting for someone to test the MDT against the Nox on the smallest gold flakes, comparison in the desert/outback against indigenous targets. It doesn't matter what the original design intent was - beach detecting in salt and minerals, need to expand horizons, seek out possible unintended positive consequences.
March 31, 2020 10:46AM
I doubt the MDT has the ability to detect a gold flake.
March 31, 2020 12:09PM
John...……. Dimitar deliberately detuned the MDT so as to not detect micro targets...…. per the bulk of the populous request.
If the 'understanding'...…. followed by subsequent 'demand'...….. returned; this quest would be in our future.
March 31, 2020 12:37PM
Its great to see Keith on board...... hes very respected. Maybe he can grab some people by the shoulders.... shake um up a bit and make um realize ..... this is a pretty darn good machine for both dirt and the beach. Demitar will tell you ..... its not perfect, but no machine is, but he designed it to be what he felt people wanted....... things will evolve im sure. Its good to see the versatility as to how it operates from the beach to the harsher dirt too.
March 31, 2020 05:10PM
Johnnyanglo Wrote:
> It would be interesting for someone to test the MD
> T against the Nox on the smallest gold flakes, com
> parison in the desert/outback against indigenous t
> argets. It doesn't matter what the original design
> intent was - beach detecting in salt and minerals,
> need to expand horizons, seek out possible uninten
> ded positive consequences.

Nox wins out on the real small stuff vs MDT unit.
But if you compare MDT unit on some semi small stuff in the wild detecting vs Nokta Anfibio multi, Impact, Mukti Kruzer in 4 bars soil, MDT wins out.
Did this video some time ago.

Time to hear how the Deeptech X compares to the MDT unit.

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March 31, 2020 08:40PM
David..... I remember that video. Very good video. Dead-pan honest. And...…………… that tiny of a target...……. is about 'where' the MDT & EQX are equivalent. If that target were even smaller...… then the EQX wins.
That external speaker on the MDT...….. makes the MDT look/sound terrible. (Nature of the beast). But...…………… fortunately...…………… using headphones does indeed make a night-and-day difference. Targets (even small ones)…. really stand out.

Andrew's videos...……… especially the ones that head-to-head compare the GPX pulse unit....to....the MDT ……… are also very good videos. Eye-opening!
March 31, 2020 11:45PM
NASA-Tom Wrote:
> David..... I remember that video. Very good video.
> Dead-pan honest. And...…………… that tiny of a target
> ...……. is about 'where' the MDT & EQX are equivale
> nt. If that target were even smaller...… then the
> EQX wins.
> That external speaker on the MDT...….. makes the M
> DT look/sound terrible. (Nature of the beast). But
> ...…………… fortunately...…………… using headphones does
> indeed make a night-and-day difference. Targets (e
> ven small ones)…. really stand out.
> Andrew's videos...……… especially the ones that hea
> d-to-head compare the GPX pulse unit....to....the
> MDT ……… are also very good videos. Eye-opening!

Thanks Tom.
When I do videos what you see is what you get, no tricks.
Now could I be doing some thing wrong where a detector could be improved upon setting wise? Possibly.
And if someone comments I can try.
Also when I do a video in the wild. I try to show detector model tendencies, meaning I have already witnessed what I think I am showing on target in the wild (undisturbed). To show a detector models strengths or weaknesses.
Not a one off kinda thing.
Another disclaimer.
I sold my MDT unit. Why?
Was it a bad detector ? No
A gent over at detector prospector forum who lives near salt beach wanted one so I sold him mine. I thought he would use more than I, as my detecting goes slack during archery season usually. I plan on trying the next version of the MDT unit.

Finally, I was using Tarsascci unit in a patch I had blasted with Deus and Etrac. Goal in this patch has always been dig all nonferrous due to history of site and little modern trash. I hit this target with Tarsacci. Only detector I had with me. I starting digging. And the target was DEEP. Surprisingly deep. Medium to small sized part of aluminum can. I about gave up on it. Gotta watch that detector it may surprise you. Since I no longer have the detector my future comments here will be limited. I'll let the owners crow about it.

Some thing I would hope Tarsacci owners would weigh in on.
How does Tarsacci depth compare testing on freshly buried vs say an older test garden same target basically) ?

Have another project I will be working on soon hopefully.

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April 01, 2020 12:24AM
NASA-Tom Wrote:
> John...……. Dimitar deliberately detuned the MDT so
> as to not detect micro targets...…. per the bulk o
> f the populous request.
> If the 'understanding'...…. followed by subsequent
> 'demand'...….. returned; this quest would be in ou
> r future.

Tom, perhaps in a future upgrade then . . . a high gain Gold setting for finding tiny low-conductors amongst iron trash that defeats iron oxide mineralization.
April 01, 2020 12:43AM
John...…… we've given serious consideration to creating a separate Mode...… for just exactly this. The demand.....still remains high.

David...…. I did not know you sold your MDT. Kinda surprising...…. since it matched the World's best Pulse Induction unit...…. in your very own hands (and...… with ID to boot)!!! Also...…. It may be a couple/few years...…. before the next new Tarsacci model.
April 03, 2020 04:58PM
Tarsacci in bad dirt and iron which is a double whammy for masking is doing very very well at finding targets intermingled.

I was in a site that we have worked on for 30 plus years ..House site camp area and march route battlefield all in one.Its type area you just cant get a signal to dig unless you chase nail falses type stuff to hope and luck up.

The dirt in this site on Tarsacci ground balances at 910 and FE numbers on F75 are a good 5 bars.So for my area of operations this is not an out of the norm spot.

In iron (in heavy iron) the 18khz is the way to go as it should be for more reactivity to targets.The machine settings for this site was also Salt Mode on balanced at 21,6 Sens, Negative 2 threshold.Black sand off,Disc mode 0 disc so iron was silenced.I just wanted to concentrate and see what the uninterupted high tones could sound like .Theres two high tones in disc.mid high and high.No low tone for iron no mixed mode either in here way to busy for that.

This site is a nightmare to hunt from the iron.Big small weird all on top of each other from about 1840 to about 1920.with a war fought on top of it to boot.Over the years its given me and alot of local hunters great finds.Reb buttons, plates,Yankee buttons lots and lots of bullets for everyone.Its no secret site and its pounded on.They graded through it about 3 years ago and churned up some more stuff first 6 moths after that it was no surprise to go there and see 5 or 6 guys swinging it daily.Lots more goodies was coming up for Us to find then as a site does that gets all of a sudden rejuvenated it started to get scarcer and scarcer.Its just basically solid red clay exposed pottery shards everywhere black glass iron laying everywhere.well hole open right in middle of it barrier-ed off.

So back to the Tarsacci on this site.I had came through this site last week on a walk back to the truck.I had been back in a 950 dirt site in the woods 6 bar dirt hot rocks aplenty doing some coil testing.As i had cut through to shorten my walk i hit a clean signal in this spot full of iron and it stopped me in my tracks.Thought well must be modern trash.dug hole open targets till there then diug some more about 7 inches or so out pops a dropped 3 ringer .58 caliber.I said huh really?The got a pack stud about 3 feet away another clean hit.Now this is in awful iron and I was still I'm mixed mode from the woods hunt I had been in and 12kHz.

Later that night I was talking to Dimitar on the phone and mentioned before hanging up about the bullet and it surprised me being so clean sounding.I was surprised Dimitar was not.He ask some particulars about the targets and the nails etc in the hole and he just laughed and said Yep!

It was in my mind about that laugh so I went back to same spot And set it for optimum audio intelligence in heavy iron.Yes its still noisy like this but this site is eat up in iron.My first target was a solid lock at ID of +2 out of +30 then I couldnt find it and was barely audible in the spoil pile.When I did find it it was a Shotgun primer. the little primer out of the center of a paper shotgun shell casing.I thought come on with this big coil I got that so clean of a hit? Then chased some weird hits then the audio in here hit me.nail falses were quick dead sounding but real hits had a sonar ping.clear ping echo type hits.So it was partial pip pip pip high tones then a sonar echo high tone Sort of reminiscent of those WW2 Sub movies where the operator gets sonar pings.So in this one area around the well I dug a good 10 to 12 pieces of lead .Flat button.Old smoothed out penny.twisted up brass pieces etc.50 caliber round ball.they all were clean?Anywhere from inch down to say 4 or 5 inches down.I left the site with a new appreciation of the tarsacci for iron hunting.

What I had seen with the Tarsacci in the woods on unmasking targets from bad dirt I was also seeing in iron unmasking.

What I have so far come to see With The tarsacci is it sees what others cant in terms of either the soil mask a target of a certain size or conductance.This is usually smaller than a dime from say couple of inches down to about 10 -11 inches.Things a normal machine cant see from Soil overpowering the target it can be small items or low conductance items.Things that the soil wont let break through.the other machines in these sites like VLF FBS BBS etc have gotten alot but the strength of the soil shuts targets down at some point.as the Soil mineral increases the more the conductance and size of targets you find EASILY with the Tarsacci increases.

Now we have some iron See through too.And most of the targets I have found so far in heavy iron in mild soil or bad soil has been the same low conductance or small.So what we have going on is actual see through it seems.Not that I'm seeing through a piece of iron but the Tarsacci has the ability to tell a non ferrous target from a ferrous target when they are intermingled and allow the good target to be more SEEN.

Dimitar has told me mineral enhances the target and hes right targets in the soil at times sound cleaner than when out of the soil.Iron ore dirt buried targets sound cleaner buried than exposed to air.So now I see targets that are in coil view in iron sound cleaner than just lying alone.the iron is also enhancing the non ferrous report.Its almost the OXIDE of iron is enhancing the targets through say leeching.Plus the iron sites like site above is already in iron ore soil.Like a target boost.Other machines may also be seeing these targets but the oxide and ore is destroying the clarity.

Any non ferrous target and any shape is hit i might add in this sceanrio.

The Tarsacci is not a normal machine and its doing things out of the norm that we are not used too.THIS IS REAL TECHNOLOGY like I havent seen in my soil.This is the type unit you have to set it up right for your site but its doing the work for you easily once it gets purring.

Dont try and run mixed mode in heavy iron even though it sounds more VLFish.Mixed mode filters are set low to bleed more audio as high tone even deep iron.Disc mode is set to dissect with some stronger filtering to stop iron high tone bleed.Dont over power the unit the see though is the magic and even on sens of 6 I can see a ten inch dime in bad soil.Dont let the machine see too much soil if its bad let it be able to discern a real target from mineral or iron.

This machine is as close as I've ever seen to a P.I. with disc.

Dont give up or dismiss the technology if you have one its the real deal!This has the feel to me like a FBS gave me 20 years ago..Its different and we have to learn how to use it.ITS HIGH TECH!Its quirky and all and not perfect but what it does do is like I've experinced now for little over a month.It sees things others cant or struggles with.Get used to the audio and rely on its accuracy and it will become second nature like any machine.it has an different feel for sure but it should its different tech.When you get it set right and you can tell when you do once you accustom yourself to it its pretty dang SLICK!

I had a hard learning curve with the machine for reasons only known to the designer.BUT I'm glad he subjected me to it on purpose.it gave me deeper insights.I started off backwards. A set up unit that would not hardly run in my soil.then went to a normal set up unit and that showed me so much and why this and that happens.


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
April 03, 2020 05:36PM
Thanks Keith! The units audio seems to resemble the CZ3d's ping/ding sound, I can live with that.
April 03, 2020 05:47PM
Yes Ozzie if you are used to a CZ sound the tarsacci is right there.

false targets have more of a dead ping and real non ferrous has more of a fatter hollow report like a echo for lack of better words.

CZ users using a Tarsacci in Disc mode would catch on quick.


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
April 03, 2020 06:05PM
Stunning report Keith! Stunning! (More to follow)..


Remember...…. in the beginning (on this thread)……. I had stated things about the Tarsacci…… like:

* Quirky
* Not VLF
* Sonar sounding
* Unorthodox settings for Ground Balance (and Salt Balance) in carpets of nails (---and in bad dirt---)
* Less Sens will probably give better depth.... in bad dirt
* Hot rock see-thru
((( I don't believe I ever stated anything about mineralized fired red brick(s) )))

When you give the keys to the Ferrari to a (unsuspecting) 15-year old boy...… with a learners driving permit...…………. he may never know what he has...… nor...…. know how to even use it.
Same as handing a grown man a iPhone …..say..... in 1980. He may never know what he has.....nor...….. ever learn how to use it.
April 03, 2020 06:30PM
NASA-Tom [ PM ]
March 31, 2020 04:43PM Registered: 13 years ago
Posts: 8,610

David...…. Also...…. It may be a couple/few years...…. before the next new Tarsacci model.

Damn.... Hope I'm still around for it.

April 04, 2020 05:48AM
Hey Keith!

Thanks for the DETAILED field report! Sounds like your REALLY starting to connect w that MDT, AND at a lot quicker pace than I did! You have validated what I already discovered last year, and that the MDT is a great unmasker in iron, AND even with that BIG coil!

The performance of the MDT really NEEDS to be seen in person to be appreciated...(when used and set up properly). And yes, out of the 3 modes, DISC mode is the mode that I use exclusively in the dirt. It took me about my first battery charge to really understand the ping-pong type language.

I know it doesn’t make any sense being able to find those small non fe targets (especially the tiny shot gun primer!) in iron with that big coil. However, I’ve experienced similar results too, except I’m in mild 1-2 bar dirt. I’m surprised nobody has questioned, how your doing this,,,,,working in heavy iron, 900 5-bar dirt, and with a 11”1/4 x 8”1/2 stock coil? Imagine what you could do with a smaller coil...(hint, hint...DG)
Its crazy designed the MDT, to actually work BETTER in bad soil, salt, mineralization and IRON!

You stated “this machine is as close as I've ever seen to a P.I. with disc.” Your not the first to make this observation as Daniel and Dew have made similar claims. And the fact of the matter is the TARSACCI is currently, the DEEPEST (VLF type), detector in salt, mineralized, alkaline, iron soil at this time.

It’s seems that whenever the TARSACCI is brought up, or someone is considering a TARSACCI, it is ALWAYS compared to the EQUINOX, which is considerably cheaper in price (and in build quality).

Now this is something that we just don’t understand because if anything....the TARSACCI should be compared to the GPX! TARSACCI owners who have used/owned a GPX report very comparable pulse induction performance from their MDT, and the GPX is 3-times the cost of the MDT!

And don’t forget, with the TARSACCI MDT, your getting pulse induction performance with I.D. capability!

Thanks again Keith, looking forward to see what else you’ll be pulling out of those other “worked out sights”!

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April 05, 2020 07:02PM
Over on Steve's forum he brought up something I answered him on and I wanted to post it here too.

He was saying take notice of the learning curve.And that's very very true.

And to me It might be easier for a newer hunter who isn't yet set in his ways to adapt.Than just a new buyer.??

I replied and Ill share this.

I dont want anyone to think its a walk in the park on my account.I too struggled with it and still have learning to do.Its a unorthodox unit.Its quirky.The worse the soil a person has the better results he may have with it.But you dont turn it on and get blown away on inland sites.It takes time to see what its doing and how to tune it find it out.Study what you see is happening and notice things its doing other units are not doing or struggling to do on in soil targets.If a user starts to pay attention to this he will see its strongest point.

What i mainly wanted to do is how should I say is LET CAT OUT OF THE BAG .The strongest point to the machine is mineral punch.Its in alot of ways like getting a P.I. machine to run in the soil like with timings etc on maybe a GPX type unit.keep it stabilized learn audio traits.

The Tarsacci is collecting alot of soil DATA that's for sure.Its seeing everything mineral, rocks,Even seems ground temp changes from sunny sites to shady sites.Its using a filter to silence these things very sparingly.In my mind and only my mind (no inside info) its doing this to punch tricky soil.See it all then try to decipher it in processor.So what this does it create a machine that can get mineral ping at times even slight blow back at times from soil.Sort of a all metal discing feel.But its pretty intelligent in what it does.It just creates quirky hits.Not dead pan hits but some weird feedback.And the salt balance seems to be there to help Filter some of that quirky ping hits.

This is where adapting your brain to a ping hit to a sonar echo type hit comes into play.My biggest problem was and still at times is chasing pings.Foot deep small and or bent nails.I'm used to a say VLF chirp/ping being a deep goody barely making it through.On the Tarsacci pings are rejected targets.The sonar echo sound is the legitimate hits.(Gotta have headphones on).The biggest problem a user will face inland is deciphering these reports.its not the bigger nails and up iron its the small inch long or bent stuff.the machine wants to not let those pass by if its not getting a solid read..It will lean more to trying to let them through than assign them as iron.This is it so seems not to miss iffy deep goodies.Ive also learned that deep goodies say penny sized and up dont really ping or sonar echo they become a fuzzier high tone .

As far as hunting my favorite sites .thick iron.If I had started out in a site like that with the Tarsacci i would of gave up.Learn it in light iron areas first off the edge of habitation sites etc.The iron hunting for me is where i like to be.more chances in habitation areas to make more finds than random scattered through out say the woods fields .And the Tarsacci exhibits something unique in that scenario. I'm not going to say its a Deus in iron its not.But it does do one thing well and that's punch bad soil.And I've always had it in my mind if I could combat bad soils and iron mixed there's more and its not deep.Maybe just lurking 2 inches.As we know that big coil is not the best for iron site work but its pretty dang good for its size on recovery speed from one target to another.Yet its not a blending type unit so it relies on gated audio.Much like T2s CZs etc.So what I see in iron is those targets are or should of been got but the combination of bad dirt and iron leech halos shut some targets down.I'm sure they were not severely masked in terms of abundance of nails etc on top of the targets and a good machine should of already got them.its the machines ability to handle or see through the halo fusion of iron soil and iron oxides meshed.Now this is all in my head but I know what i seem to be seeing.And its a thought process I have had for along time wanting a unit to be built that would combat it somewhat.That's my biggest enemy bad dirt lots of iron..

I know the beach hunters want a large coil.I want a small coil!!!I want to fully see what this unit will do in bad iron bad dirt mix..It may not be what it was designed for?? but it has something going on in iron.It needs to be explored further.

Once I knew the sound of a legitimate target to a false the unit has became very conveying in iron.Its actually less noisy than most machines in iron its just the compressed audio traits are the learning curve.A user who dissects iron with vlfs will find the Tarsacci is well behaved comparatively speaking but you have to figure the audio out.

I see what the unit is doing now we have to apply it.Learn it.Dont think old school think new school.It can feel alien but its doing something.First few hours I ran it actually first whole battery charge I was so disconnected from the soil I was almost depressed about it.but let it sink in.I like to have a connection to the soil and the Tarsacci to me was Chinese talk with a poor translator..Now its starting to feel more English to me.Well maybe Brooklyn accent English..I need it to get to Southern accent English LOL..I'm joking but I'm excitedly waiting for it to become second nature to me ,become my friend.

I will also add I was at a disadvantage for the first few days.I was using a Bad coil.Yet wasnt sure it was bad.BUT after I got the coil fixed and sorted out the noise I was enduring dropped dramatically.BUT the first coil had taught me somewhat how to figure out hits.once I got a PROPER coil the intelligence level went up.And the language took off.So I had a handicap to start with but it actually helped me..A user coming to the Tarsacci will not see what I saw.And actually it is not that hard to digest the audio when its running right.Sort of like a FBS unit we had to learn the language.Its different BUT IT WORK'S!


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla

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April 05, 2020 08:12PM
Keith! thumbs downthumbs downthumbs downthumbs down Thanks.
April 06, 2020 12:39AM
The reason it was being compared to the Nox was because most of us posting initially were beach hunters. We compared it to one of the newest machines of choice. Good info Keith.... I’m setting back not saying much because I have little to add since I no longer dirt hunt. I think it’s great some talented people like yourself are taking notice of this machines potential. Ya... she’s a little quirky .... but it works very well. It can be pretty flexible .... and surprising that it’s single freqs. As far as a big coil.... I’m not a coverage guy I’m more a sensitive and depth guy. If it gives a bit more depth ... I’m in
April 06, 2020 12:53AM
I got a question from someone and its not the first time I've been asked this.

How to salt balance inland?

Here's what I do.And it seems to work in the field.And once its set for the frequency its usually pretty dead on even as the ground balance gets changed.You may have to tweak it a number or two here or there in soils.especially rocky areas or fertilized areas etc.

What I do is ground balance in All metal mode then salt balance in exact same spot i ground balanced.I salt balance by setting salt on 1 and bobbing coil up and down.as I approach the ground the signal will get stronger as a rise in threshold.I keep turning the salt balance up and checking till the it just stays quiet as i approach the ground.It will get weaker and weaker report till its gone as you raise the numbers.and as a Rule of thumb I've actually found that 18Khz is usually around 21 salt balance.12KHZ is around 26-27....9 kHZ is around 31 and 6.5KHZ is about 33-35.Best to do this in either mixed mode or all metal mode to hear the threshold rise.Though All-metal works the best.

If any user want's to see or experiment no better place than to take it to the asphalt and put it in all-metal mode and play with it.There seems to be enough i guess i should say salt in asphalt I've been testing it on (which is more than one area) to see it in action.Asphalt is weak salt response but it will show you how it can balance it out.

Some of my dirts can really have a strong salt response when balancing but then it usually reaches the same point as the asphalt.

Play with it and watch what happens.Set sens as high as you can for locale.ground balance it on say 18KHZ then turn salt on and put to zero.then bob coil towards pavement.hard bob not soft.go down fast.right down to the asphalt dont slap the asphalt but get right down to it.you'll hear a rise in threshold.it may be weak but its there.start turning the salt balance up one click then do it again. get it to where that rise as you approach is gone.then stop.

Now change freq to say 12KHZ then do ground balance then salt balance procedure and you will see you have to go few numbers higher on salt balance as the freq goes lower.

What's neat is the salt balance setting is saved to the freq!Change freq, salt balance goes to the setting for that freq then change back and the setting you set it at is there.

The salt balance helps in the see through of soil.

Now this is Georgia asphalt so maybe it will work in your locale?

You can also set the Salt balance to certain types of troublesome rocks and burnt coal.Im Told.


“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
April 06, 2020 01:54AM
Here's a quick simple video showing the Tarsacci doing well something pretty much crazy.

I was messing around and placed a penny next to a 1850's blacksmith made iron hammer.Not a modern type hammer but real forged iron.

The amazing thing is the hammers under the coil while the penny is.

SEE what I see it doing in iron?

Hammers quiet pennys hitting hard and clean even has the dig me sonar hit like I've been talking about.



“I don't care that they stole my idea . . I care that they don't have any of their own”
-Nikola Tesla
April 06, 2020 02:21AM
Keith, The video stopped before you were finished.

Did you have the iron audio turned off when you were going over the hammer head?

Thanks, Joel And great reporting!!!!! I 2nd the request for a smaller coil!
April 06, 2020 02:35AM
Excellent explanation on the Salinity Balance Keith!
That one post is worth it’s weight in GOLD to all you TARSACCI owners!
Copy and paste it in your cellphones so it can be referenced in the field!

That video really defies the laws of physics regarding metal detecting. That big coil is OVER the penny and that old iron hammerhead at the same time and the penny’s signal remains perfection audible!

Thanks Keith!